Engineering Adventure Devices

At Head Rush, we are engineers and outdoor enthusiasts who make the best recreational devices for climbing facilities, zip line builders and operators, amusement parks and theme parks, camps, FECs (family entertainment centers) and more. Everything we make is designed with the end user experience in mind, and is created not just to be better, but to be the best.

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TRUBLUE Auto Belay

TRUBLUE is engineered to mitigate risk and is the most advanced, flexible, and dependable auto belay available.

zipSTOP Zip Line Brake

zipSTOP slows riders gradually, with consistent braking distance for a range of weights/speeds and automatic reset.

The Impact Trolley

Impact Trolley was designed for zip line impact braking. It provides a better rider experience and decreased rider risk.

QUICKjump Free Fall

QUICKjump gives a jumper a true free fall feeling before providing a comfortable catch and a smooth, controlled descent.

FlightLine Free Fall

FlightLine is our highest commercial free fall ride, offering an insane free fall from heights up to 80 feet (24.5 meters).

Arboreal Climbing System

Arboreal is a modular tree climbing system perfect for camps, ropes courses, family entertainment centers, and more.

Why Head Rush Technologies?

There's a story behind every one of our products and everything we do. We're the only company using magnetic braking technology in climbing, free fall, and zip line devices, and with our background in climbing and adventure equipment we set out to solve problems that our customers saw in the field and asked us to solve.

We understand that equipment that's manufactured with the best technology and the best quality parts means a better return on investment for customers in the long run, and so we build things to last.

So, why Head Rush Technologies?

Because we're simply better.

From our customers: