Which Zip Line Trolley Is Right For You?

All Head Rush LightSpeed Zip Line Trolleys are engineered from the ground up to have superior performance on zip lines, specifically lines with impact braking. From the compact and affordable Micro Trolley to the fully rebuildable and customizable Impact Trolley, there is a Head Rush LightSpeed Trolley for your course.

Micro Trolley

The smallest and most affordable zip line trolley in the LightSpeed family, the Micro Trolley solves many of the common issues seen during zip line braking. A very durable impact surface, high retention backup connection slot and forward of center connection point all lead to smoother, more efficient braking and longer life for the trolley and brake system. Premium high-speed bearings ensure that the ride is smooth ride-after-ride. Learn more about why Head Rush LightSpeed zip line trolleys are the best in the industry for impact braking in the video below.


EZ Clip Trolley

The LightSpeed EZ Clip Trolley is still the trolley that changed the trolley! There is nothing on the market like it that balances a zip specific design for long life and smooth impact braking with perfect size, weight, accessory options and price. If you take all the advantages of the LightSpeed Micro trolley, then add in a pivoting auto-locking attachment link and expanded accessory lineup you have the EZ Clip Trolley. This is the fastest, easiest to connect zip line rider trolley out there. Tested for the highest throughput operations in the world, the impact trolley will keep your business running smoothly.


Impact Trolley

The LightSpeed Impact Trolley was the original Head Rush zip line trolley and the first rider trolley to tackle the major issues associated with impact braking. Built for long, high speed and large diameter zip lines this trolley has a massive lineup of add on accessories and connection options. It’s also fully rebuildable to keep costs down year-after-year. See the Impact Trolley in action here.


Selection Guide

Still unsure which zip line trolley is right for you? Here’s our selection guide, which further breaks down the various features and compatible accessories.

Head Rush Technologies Lightspeed Trolley Selection Guide


What our industry partners are saying

“We have sold the trolleys to our customers and we are also using them on our own parks. The design and engineering on the new trolleys not only are giving us more throughput (that translates to sales), but they are also proving to last longer than what we have used on the past. Thank you Head Rush for being just a great partner!"- Parques de Altura Mexico SA de CV

“I've been working in the Challenge Course/Aerial Adventure field for over 40 years doing design, installation, inspection and training. The new EZ Clip trolley from HeadRush is a one of a kind zip line solution combining a no-drop design with an impact-braking capability that is not available anywhere else. It also offers numerous accessories and options that make it a great choice for a wide range of applications, and does all that at a reasonable price point.” - Randy Smith, Vestals Gap Ventures, Purcellville, VA

If you have any questions about the Head Rush LightSpeed Trolley lineup and how they can benefit your course contact us today!

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