Do Summer Right: Increase ROI, Attract Visitors, and Add Fun!

If you're a ski area, now is the time of year where you've begun concentrating on your summer operations. More and more summer has been important to the annual revenue of ski resorts, as the summer is a great time to boost revenue to help combat potential negative impacts on your business in the case of a short, warm winter.

The challenge that is faced remains, though: what is the best way to attract summer visitors? The best investment is a family friendly activity which differentiates you from your competitors and which can generate new and repeat business. It is easy to know that the best investment will meet those requirements, the hard part is knowing what to invest in.

At Head Rush Technologies, we've developed our adventure devices specifically with throughput, customer experience, and reliability in mind. We offer truly unique activities, and products that can be installed and used in different ways so that you can create a variety of options for your summer patrons. Best of all, many of our products can be used on existing infrastructures, saving you the time and money of engineering a structure from scratch.

This webinar will detail how you can add value and see gains at your resort by using Head Rush Technologies adventure devices. The webinar took place on May 20th, 2015. You can find it here.

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