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Chris Sharma Barcelona Climbing Gym Reopening - with TRUBLUE Auto Belays Chris Sharma takes you inside the reopening of his climbing gym, Sharma Climbing Barcelona.

Engineering Adventure: The Passion Behind the TRUBLUE Auto Belay's Technology Follow Lab Tech, Tim Davis, as he explores his passion for climbing and Research and Development

zipBACK: Zip Line Retraction Device Introducing the new zipBACK Zip Line Retraction Device

Reel Rock 14 - TRUBLUE Auto Belay Trailer Check out our trailer for Reel Rock 14

FlightLine Free Fall | Extreme Free Fall Drop A revolutionary free fall drop experience for thrilling, high throughput descents.

TRUBLUE SPEED Auto Belay Announcing the TRUBLUE SPEED Auto Belay, the same tested, trusted, and TRU technology, now faster.



TRUBLUE X Routesetting Institute: Routesetting for Auto Belays We teamed up with Routesetting Institute to bring you a comprehensive guide to routesetting with an auto belay in mind.

The Overturning Moment | LightSpeed Zip Line Trolleys The deep dive on the Overturning Moment and what it's doing to your zip line.

Tested for durability | LightSpeed EZ Clip Trolley We tested the limits of the LIGHTSPEED EZ Clip trolley to make sure it would stand up to real world zip lining.

LightSpeed Impact Zip Line Trolley | Head Rush Technologies Head Rush Technologies’ Impact Trolley is a revolutionary piece of equipment for the zip line industry.

Tested for durability | LightSpeed EZ Clip Trolley The unique trigger feature on the LightSpeed EZ Clip Zip Line Trolley allows for fast, one-handed installations.

About Recertification for Head Rush Technologies Devices Watch this video to learn about why recertification is important, what happens during recertification, and how to send your device in.

Webbing Wear and Inspection | Head Rush Devices Webbing is a critical component in all Head Rush devices. It is essential to conduct regular inspections of your device to ensure proper operations and to gauge the condition of your webbing.

How to Train Without a Partner on a TRUBLUE Auto Belay Chris Wall of the Boulder Rock Club demonstrated how to best train without a partner at your climbing gym.

How to Train Endurance on a TRUBLUE Auto Belay Chris Wall of the Boulder Rock Club demonstrated how to best utilize your climbing gym when working on your endurance.

Learning to Lead with a TRUBLUE Auto Belay Chris Wall of the Boulder Rock Club demonstrated how to best learn to lead climb in a gym.

TRUBLUE Auto Belay Climber Orientation Step by step climber orientation for the TRUBLUE Auto Belay

How To Field Replace Your TRUBLUE Webbing This video gives owners a step by step tutorial on how to change out webbing without removing the Auto Belay from the wall.

Our Eddy Current Magnetic Braking Technology The science behind and the benefits of our eddy current magnetic braking system.

Eddy Current Magnetic Braking Demonstration Check out our magnetic braking demonstration with the TRUTube

Why Are TRUBLUEs Vital Training Tools for Athletes? Hear from Justen "The Sensei" Sjong why TRUBLUEs are a vital resource for multi-pitch endurance training and how they make life easier for your climbing partner when your goal is endurance.

How Can TRUBLUEs Foster Learning of Outdoor Climbing Skills? Hear from climbing coach Chris Wall how TRUBLUEs foster the learning of new climbing skills

Why is TRUBLUE The Most Tested, Most Trusted, and Most TRU? Find out what climbers, coaches, and industry professionals had to say when asked why TRUBLUEs are essential to their training and businesses.

How Do TRUBLUEs Transform Visitors Into Climbers? Hear from Jake Crine of Übergrippen Indoor Climbing Crag how TRUBLUEs function as a gateway into the sport and contribute to a climber's learning journey into rope climbing and beyond.

TRUBLUE: The Ultimate Partner Finding Solution Debunking the myth that auto belays take away from partner climbing community, hear from UGCC's owner Jake Crine how TRUBLUEs foster community at his gym.

Tech Talks


Tech Talk: Trolley Endurance The EZ Clip Zip Line Trolley is made to last with durable materials and a rugged design. We tested the limits of the trolley to make sure it would stand up to real world zip lining. Maximize ROI with this long lasting zip line trolley.

Tech Talk: Overturning Moment There is a hidden moment during zip line braking that most people are unaware of - The Overturning Moment.

Tech Talk: Eddy Current Technology Head Rush Technologies is best known for the unique eddy current magnetic braking technology used in our devices.

Tech Talk: Trolley Swing Evaluating Zip Line Trolley Swing and the affects on your zip line.

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