Behind the Scenes: Designing a Better Zip Line Trolley

We're all about solving problems at Head Rush Technologies, and we noticed a big one in the zip line industry; the most popular zip line trolley on the market is actually not a zip line trolley at all. It's a tyrolean pulley designed to be used on ropes instead of metal cables and meant for slow speeds and not fast zip lines. This was the first indicator that there was significant room for improvement in zip line trolleys, so Head Rush Tech set our engineers on the task. The goal was to design trolleys specifically for zip lining and to address the most common trolley issues. The end results are our new LightSpeed trolleys: the LightSpeed EZ Clip Zip Line Trolley and the LightSpeed Micro Zip Line Trolley.

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Which Zip Line Trolley Is Right For You?

From the fully featured customizable Impact Trolley to the lightning fast one-handed install of the EZ Clip to the compact affordable Micro Trolley, Head Rush has a zip line trolley for you.

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