15 Thrilling Summer Camp Ideas

Summer camp is an unforgettable experience. There are numerous activities that teach growing campers responsibility, courage, and great life lessons. Every day at summer camp is an adventure; through thrilling and exciting activities, campers grow self- confidence and become more eager to take on new adventures. Here are some thrilling ideas to get your campers to push their limits and find their inner courage.

kids having water balloon fight

Water Balloon Fight

A water balloon fight is a fun summer camp activity that can be thrilling for campers of all shapes and sizes. This is can be a camp-wide activity where everyone can get involved. Water balloon fights are a great way to escape the summer heat and are perfect for camps that may not be located near a body of water. This also provides an option for campers who may not have strong swimming skills. This activity promotes team work and bonding between campers. Having an activity that has no winners or losers means that in the end everyone wins. This is a cheap and easy summer camp idea that is great for coed teams and for those who are looking to get more involved. This simple and thrilling game helps develop teamwork skills and creates unforgettable memories of a summer well spent.

kids on scavenger hunt

Scavenger Hunt

Summer camp ideas such as scavenger hunts are an amazing way to create a fun activity for all campers to participate in. Scavenger hunts can be used to create healthy competition between campers. By adding different aspects it can quickly become a one of kind experience. Providing the element of teamwork forces campers to learn to work together. Adding a unique twist by binding the camper's legs together in a three-legged-race makes this a more challenging and memorable experience. Campers will use their problem solving skills to go from to clue to clue, which will ultimately lead them to the grand prize. This activity will also teach sportsmanship and allow the campers to bond and get to know one another. After a day full of healthy competition the scavenger hunt can end at a big bon fire for all campers to get together and hang out with new friends.

kids on snowy hike


Hiking is a thrilling way to get away from technology and other distractions of daily life. Getting to explore the outdoors together is a way that campers can bond and experience nature in a fun, interactive way. Hiking to destinations like look out points and waterfalls allows campers to see their surroundings from a different perspective and feel a sense of accomplishment. This is a way for campers to build friendships and get exercise while gaining a new appreciation for the outdoors. Hiking to exciting locations and conquering difficult obstacles is a rewarding and thrilling experience for those involved. Getting out and exploring the surroundings of a campsite is an incredibly fun camp activity.

girl shooting bow and arrow at target


Camp activities like archery and riflery can create a truly unique camp experience. Providing campers with these opportunities allows them to experience things that they would otherwise not experience in real life settings. This is an extremely thrilling pastime for kids of all ages to take part in. Using this type of gear teaches campers responsibility and self-confidence. These types of activities allow campers to encourage one another while forming lasting friendships. It significantly adds to the experience by being in such a beautiful area surrounded by friends and encouraging staff members. Archery and riflery are some of the few camp activities that teach young campers responsibility in a hands-on way. These activities are perfect for adventure-seeking campers who are eager to try something new.

kid on horseback

Horseback Riding

For adventurous campers big and small, horseback riding is the summer camp activity for your facility. Horseback riding is a great way to experience the outdoors and ones own surroundings. Interacting with animals in a hands on way makes horseback riding a unique way to experience nature. This creates a strong bond between campers and their outdoor experiences. There are different levels of horseback riding for those who are more advanced and for those who crave a more leisurely horseback riding experience. This makes riding a great activity for all campers including those seeking thrill. The different levels of horseback riding provides for a custom camp experience. This is an activity that is accommodating to all who seek the adventure and thrill of horseback riding. This might even be a way to allow campers to find a new passion.

boy at lake on rope swing

Rope Swings

Adding this simple element to any campground will allow campers to experience a thrill in their own way. By providing rope swings of different heights, campers can choose an ultra-thrilling experience to fit their liking. Different platform heights will allow campers to swing high over the camp's body of water ending in a safe yet thrilling splash. Creating tree house platforms high in the trees makes rope swings all the more thrilling. Adding aspects like a free fall device can make these platforms multifunctional. Free fall devices allow campers to safely free fall from platforms of up to 87 feet! Adding these types of enhancements will make your camp diverse and fun for everyone who joins.

kid jumping of diving board

Lake High Dive

A simple and easy way to get a camper's desired rush of adventure is through a high dive. Most campgrounds located near a lake or body of water can make this sort of excitement possible. Creating a high dive in a safe place in the water away from rocks and other possible hazards helps campers become thrill seekers in their everyday life. A simple high dive provides campers with the tool to push their inner limits and grow self-confidence. Campers can even practice valuable skills by expressing the courage and strength it takes to take that first leap. A high dive provides thrill in an easy, everyday setting that includes minimal risk and maximum fun!

kids in a canoe

Kayak/Canoeing Explorations

Another great way for campers to experience the wilderness and scenery around them is by participating in various kayaking or canoeing tours. This is an activity that allows campers to get out and get exercise in an adventurous way. Exploring the different nooks and cranny's of one's own environment creates a bond between campers and their wonderful surroundings. Kayaking creates a sense of power and freedom as campers get the opportunity to try something new on their own. This opportunity, like other summer camp ideas, bonds campers and teaches responsibility as they take part in a unique experience.

kids at lake tubing

Wake Boarding, Tubing, and Water Sports

Different kinds of water sports are one of the easiest and most thrilling things for a camper to take part in. Water sports like wake boarding, tubing, and banana boating are high-speed excitement that can be experienced by everyone. These activities provide a basis for campers to learn new skills while enjoying a wild ride with their friends. Water sports create and intense sensation for campers on the open water. Water sports can be enjoyed by everyone and require campers to practice patients as well as endurance as they take on something new. Summer camp ideas like these would be a huge thrill for anyone who takes part.

people on ropes course with trublue auto belay

Ropes Courses

Most summer camp ideas consist of teambuilding and trust exercises. While there are many ways to learn these skills, a consistent favorite is a ropes course. Ropes courses test an individual's strength and agility. This is a valuable asset for any summer camp. The challenging aspects of a ropes course promote courage among campers and provide an environment for campers to encourage one another as they take on this challenge. Ropes courses can consists of challenging obstacles such as hanging beams, zip lines, and even 30-foot towers. Safety among ropes courses is always encouraged. During any ropes course, the camper will be attached to a harness attached to a safety cord or an auto belay.

climbing wall at summer camp


Climbing trees is one of the simplest thrills a kid can get. Summer camps especially can utilize this fun. Tree climbing systems can allow campers to climb sky high in any course of their choosing. For adventurous campers, these climbing courses serve as the rush they want. It provides a unique and lasting memory of their best summer ever. Of course safety is always a concern. Installing an auto belay provides the fall protection that campers need. With this, campers have all the tools they need to go climb to new heights.

kid on zip line

Extreme Zip Line

We've all heard of zip lines. Thrill seekers travel all over the world to take part in zip lining experiences. Zip lines are a great way to see the campground's beautiful surroundings. For more ambitious campers, try placing a zip line over the camp's body of water. This is a surefire way to get campers involved and ready for an exciting ride. However, for campers who may not be ready for something that extreme, a zip line at a steady slope is sure to get a lot of attention as well. Zip lining is an option that can accommodate many people of all shapes and sizes.

teens on a giant slip n slide

Mega Slip-n-Slide

Mega Slip n Slides are an extremely thrilling way to get campers from all walks of life involved in something exciting and unforgettable. A mega slip n slide isn't like any other slip n slide you've seen before. You can transform any hill or steady slope from ordinary to extraordinary, by adding tarps and other slick materials. This slip n slide can be as long and as wide as desired which ensures maximum fun for campers. Adding inflatable pool toys and other fun elements makes this an experience that everyone can take part in and will surely never forget. A mega slip n slide is easily one of the most extreme and thrilling options for your summer camp. It will help all campers push their limits and experience that rush while staying minimizing risk.

kid getting launched off blob

The Blob

Blobs are the ultimate extreme summer camp activity. The Blob is like a catapult that is able to launch campers up to 15 feet in the air. It is an inflatable platform only half filled with air which one camper sits on the end (wearing a helmet and life vest) and the other jumps from a platform to the other side causing a displacement in air which launches their friend sky high. This is an exciting activity that summer camps across the country are using. It is safe and thrilling for anyone who tries it. Every camper who experiences "blobbing" will be sure to have the memory of a lifetime. Most summer camp ideas can't compare to the extreme thrill of blobbing.

teens white water rafting

White Water Rafting

River rafting is an experience like no other. Rafting provides one on one experience with nature and creates a bond between campers as they learn team building skills and conquer the white waters. For campers with courage and an unstoppable urge for excitement, river rafting is the summer camp activity they're looking for. River rafting is not for the faint of heart; it is an extreme and unforgettable experience of campers against the untamed elements of nature. River rafting is for ambitious campers and is an incredibly fun way to escape the summer heat while seeking thrill. This is a summer camp activity that you can bring into your own camp or easily outsource as there are many programs that accommodate camps like yours!"

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