Our Story

Head Rush Technologies is an engineering and design firm at heart, and there’s a story behind each one of our products.

All of them begin with seeking a way to use our patented technology and our engineering expertise to make adventure experiences better for users while helping facility operators improve their business. Everything we design and manufacture is with those two goals in mind.

It all started...

We started with the TRUBLUE Auto Belay, which was created as a way to use our magnetic braking system to provide climbers with new ways of working out without a partner while also mitigating risk. The response was overwhelmingly positive from users and especially from climbing facilities of all types who found that the TRUBLUE auto belays worked to increase membership and raise overall customer satisfaction.

It's about solving problems.

As each product met with success we found ourselves consistently branching out to help our customers with additional problems they encountered in their businesses, which led us to create other advanced products to solve those issues. That was the genesis of the Impact Trolley, Gorilla Rope, and even the Arboreal Tree Climbing System, all of which entered their markets as top-of-the-line solutions (and better products) for our customers.

We hope you'll read a bit more about our products throughout these pages and see how we aren't just manufacturing products to sell devices... We're creating adventure experiences that are better and have less risk than ever before.

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