Head Rush Technologies Releases Innovative New Product: The Arboreal Tree Climbing System

Pre-packaged kits allow operators to create advanced climbing scenarios previously unachievable with existing recreational tree climbing equipment

BOULDER, Colorado (August 25, 2015) Head Rush Technologies is pleased to announce its newest product: The Arboreal Tree Climbing System. It was created to address a specific need for a modular, more advanced recreational tree climbing product for all types of markets ranging from camps, to eco-tourism destinations, aerial adventure courses, vacation resorts, family entertainment centers, recreation centers and YMCAs, and more. It can also be used for utilitarian purposes as a way to access existing activities at training centers, for access to a tree house or hunting blind, utility pole access, etc.

The key market with immediate demand has been the camp market, which is always seeking active, outdoor activities for kids. With the modular design of the Arboreal Tree Climbing System it's possible to route-set as you would in a climbing gym to make the climb challenging and fun. You can easily create routes of varying difficulty levels, which produces an engaging experience that motivates users to keep coming back for more.

The Arboreal Tree Climbing System is the perfect way to transform a tree or pole into an adventure for all ages and skill levels, says Bill Carlson, Director of Channel Sales at Head Rush Technologies. “We brought our technological and aesthetic expertise to the Arboreal System, combining the overall vision with the highest quality and functionality to craft the very best product for all types of tree climbing uses. It's designed to withstand harsh outdoor environments and is sturdy enough to support climbers and their gear, while also being gentle on trees. It works as an activity in a camp or other type of facility or even as a standalone adventure in a backyard. And it's ideal for bundling with other Head Rush products to create a full, outdoor activity center in a small footprint."

The Arboreal Tree Climbing System comes in pre-made sets according to tree height and level of difficulty, and each set comes with everything you need to reach the treetops, including:

  • Straps that securely fasten around a tree, pole or column
  • Base plates for handholds that can fit anywhere on the strap
  • Sets of handholds (over 300 types to choose from)

To learn more, visit our product page for the Arboreal System.

To buy this product, click here to find a distributor near you or you can click here to buy direct from Head Rush Technologies.

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