Head Rush Tech Launches Gorilla Rope for zipSTOP Zip Line Brake

The Revolutionary Gorilla Rope is the Strongest and Thinnest Abrasion-Resistant Reduction Line Available

gorilla zip line rope
Adding to its already impressive offering of industry-leading zip line products, Head Rush Technologies announces the launch of Gorilla Rope, a reduction line specially engineered to work with the zipSTOP Zip Line Brake.

Prior to the creation of Gorilla Rope, customers were required to find their own reduction lines for the brake, but the options often didn't meet the customers' needs or Head Rush's high standards. The reduction lines they purchased either wore out too quickly, were too tight or too loose or didn't work optimally with the zipSTOP Zip Line Brake. These issues affected braking performance and reliability. Hearing these concerns, we went to work engineering a solution that would be strong, lightweight, thin, durable, reliable, functional and attractive. "Gorilla Rope reflects our commitment to innovative products that serve the customer," says Peter Cochetas, director of engineering at Head Rush Technologies. "It definitely lives up to the high standards our customers expect from us. For zip lining or any other applications, people are going to love this rope."

The Gorilla Rope was meticulously designed to include the following features:

  • High strength to weight ratio due to the specially engineered core
  • Abrasion-resistant sheathing maintains integrity under friction
  • Stretch-resistant construction keeps the line intact with minimal elongation
  • Flexible design stays strong regardless of pulley or block size
  • Slip-resistant outer sheathing designed to decrease knot slippage
  • Water-resistant core and outer sheathing optimal for outdoor use
  • Fade-resistant materials keep colors vibrant in the sun and rain, looking better for longer
  • Lightweight construction means the rope can go wherever its needed

While the Gorilla Rope is designed to work with the zipSTOP Zip Line Brake, its high-quality design is also perfect for climbing, camping, backpacking, sailing, knot tying competitions and any other adventure or industrial activity requiring durability, strength and maximum performance.

Pick up a Gorilla Rope for $6.05 per meter at our online store or through an authorized Head Rush Technologies distributor.

About Head Rush Technologies

Head Rush Technologies combines innovative engineering and quality production to bring new adventure recreation equipment to the climbing, zip line and amusement industries. Head Rush Tech products are thoughtfully crafted to minimize risk, while enhancing user experience during adventure activities. Best known for our application of eddy current magnetic braking technology, products include the award-winning TRUBLUE Auto Belay, the QUICKjump Free Fall Device and the zipSTOP Zip Line Brake. Gorilla Rope and all other products are available online at headrushtech.com or through our global network of distributors.

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