How to Extend the Life of Your Webbing

Extending the life of your unit's webbing is important for maximizing the return on investment of your Head Rush Devices. There are several common mistakes that you might be making yourself, which are decreasing the life span of your unit's webbing. If you're falling into one of these traps then you're replacing your webbing more often than necessary. This means that you're expending extra effort and money when you shouldn't!

We want you to use your Head Rush unit as efficiently as possible. That's why we've put our engineers to work on creating a set of best practices that will extend the life of your webbing. Now we've harnessed the knowledge of our engineering department in the form of a white paper and made it publicly available. These tips and tricks will help you get the most out of your webbing without increasing risk to your participants. After reading this white paper you'll have the tools you need to get the most out of your unit. This white paper will help you spend less money on webbing replacements and minimize your unit's downtime.

This white paper provides advice that is applicable to every Head Rush unit and it also goes in depth about best practices for each individual unit. You'll find important information about how common chemicals interact with your webbing, how weather can affect your webbing, how to guide your participant's behavior and much more. Start today with these proactive tips and tricks and in no time at all you'll notice that your webbings last much longer.

Download the white paper to find out what mistakes you're making and how to fix them.

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