Free & Affordable Summer Camp Activities for Kids

Here at Head Rush Technologies, we work closely with summer camps all over the world. Over the years, we have seen many innovative, fun, and exciting ideas implemented by these camps to provide adventure goers with hours of joy and excitement. With summer 2016 quickly approaching, we have compiled a list of our five favorite summer camp activities for kids that won't break the bank, but will be sure to add value to your camp.

Slack lining

Slack that Line

Ever dream of premiering your high walking abilities in front of thousands of gawking spectators at the opening night of the Ringling Brothers Circus? Me too! Now you can help inspire campers to start their own circus with friends by encouraging them to test out this hot new sport. Slack lining combines balance, coordination, courage, and determination by challenging athletes to walk from one side of a rope to the other. Anyone can test their abilities and try this simple activity, though a helping hand may be necessary to make it across the first few times. Confident that your balancing abilities are already top notch? Then push yourself to the next level by easing the tension on the cranks to bust out a few sweet jumps and epic flips!

Hiking barefoot

Hike with Your Bare Feet

Trying to find that perfect way to help make your campers one with nature? Earthing, or “grounding" as some have come to call it, has been known to bring practitioners closer to the earth, literally. Be sure to watch your campers' steps, though, because those pine cones can be pointy! Research has shown that people who enjoy as little as 20 minutes a day with direct contact to the earth experience numerous beneficial health perks, including but not limited to: more restful sleep, lowering stress levels, and reducing chronic pain. So encourage those campers to throw off their foot cages and wiggle those toes in the mud.

Climbing Wall with auto belays

Climb the Wall Crawler

Nature is chalk full of obstacles. Many obstacles are meant to be physically overcome through sheer man-power and strength of will. Introduce campers to the sport of rock climbing, where they combine both mental and physical skills. Whether climbing on an artificial wall indoors or a natural one outside, campers will be presented with a puzzle that they must solve with both their mind and body. By utilizing different techniques such as footwork, core strength and powerful grips, campers will learn to combine mental and physical strengths to accomplish their goals. Gaining the ability to wall crawl might not allow you to sling webs and fight crime, but it will boost your campers' ability to tackle obstacles both in the classroom and on the field.

Arboreal tree climbing system

Monkey Up that Tree

As a child, I always wanted to climb trees. As an adult, I still do! Trees are a natural draw for those looking to explore and reach new heights. If your camp doesn't have that perfect ladder tree, the Arboreal Tree Climbing System from Head Rush Technologies is the way to add challenge and excitement to your camp. The modular tree climbing system is affordable and easy to install on all tree types, making any tree a fun activity. Including a TRUBLUE Auto Belay allows for exciting, yet safe, heights. Gone shall be the days of shouting at children, “Stay out of that tree!" and welcome shall be the days of exclaiming “Go climb that tree!"

Lake blob

Take Out the Blog

Originally, “blobs" were giant inflatable bladders used as Naval fuel tanks towed behind ships to refuel them as necessary (gasoline and oil float on water). Over time, Naval sailors recognized boredom and sought to combat it. They quickly identified an ally in the war on monotony and recruited these fuel bags, launching fellow seamen out into the abyss. These “blobs" made their way to the recreational industry for the first time at a summer camp in Texas. Modern day blobs include a brave flyer sitting on the end of a semi-inflated airbag who is launched into the water by their camp-mates. The catapulted daredevils perform cartwheels, back-flips, cannonballs, front flips, corkscrews, and side flips. Of course smaller launches can be orchestrated for those new to the thrill of the blob.

Still need more activities for your summer camp? Keep reading and check out this article with 6 more summer camp ideas.

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