Economics of Auto Belays

Did you know that Auto Belays have become standard equipment in many climbing gyms around the world? Did you also know that auto belay devices can benefit gym owners in a variety of ways?

Kids and adults who are new to climbing are more likely to climb and feel a sense of accomplishment, which in turn, encourages them to return. With its self-regulating braking system, it doesn't take long to learn and newer customers will feel more comfortable and enjoy the experience.

Kids and families love TRUBLUE Auto Belays. In fact, we frequently have families arrive at our facility just to climb the TRUBLUE Auto Belays. They love the fact that they do not need help from a guide staff member to climb by themselves. Kids can race each other up the walls and do not need Mom and Dad to belay them. Parents can sit by, relax and watch their children have a blast. - Andy Stratton, Escalade Gym, Georgia

You can increase your programming with birthday parties, groups and classes. With Auto Belays, you need less staff which can lower your overhead and increase your revenue potential. In addition, you can have more attendees at these events. Auto Belays can handle most types of terrain and skill levels so you reach all your customers.

Auto Belays can positively affect gym hours and memberships. Climbers may be more inclined to come in during off hours knowing they have a trusted system to use. Also, climbers don't need a partner and can spend all their time climbing instead of watching. It will encourage new people to the area to give it a try.

Everything about the TRUBLUE Auto Belay's user interface is easy and welcoming to use. From watching a first timer reluctantly let go and learn to trust the lowering mechanism for the first time, to the local 5.13 crushers up and down climbing routes with the TRUBLUE there as a safety backup to get their workout on. Joshua Livasy, Urban Rocks, Tennessee

The TRUBLUE Auto Belay is a self-regulating system with a fail to safe design and no sacrificial wear bearings, brake pads or clutch mechanisms to fix or replace. It only requires a once per year recertification which includes an inspection of all components within the auto belay and an inspection of webbing and attachment points. Feedback from gym owners suggests that you need 5-10 Auto Belays and they should pay for themselves with 13-26 new memberships. Adding Auto Belays to your gym is an investment to attract new members and retain existing customers.

By using TRUBLUE Auto Belays we have been able to reduce the amount of time needed to get our customers climbing quickly and safely. This translates to less staff needed to operate our business and money saved in labor costs. - Andy Stratton, Escalade Gym, Georgia

For additional information and to learn more about the many TRUBLUE products, please visit our store or reach out to us by email.

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