Add New Adventure Activities with Head Rush Products

Human brains are wired to seek out and enjoy novel experiences. This is why people are often trying new restaurants, traveling to new locations, and trying new adventure activities. It's also why adventure tourism is a growing niche in travel. We're not made to do the same thing over and over day in and day out.

With that in mind, think about your visitors. What novel experience can you offer to get first-time visitors interested, and how can you keep it fresh to entice return visitors back again? Whether you are an adventure tourism destination or a local attraction, you want to create a fun experience that offers them something new.

Attractions looking to add novel, adventurous experiences will find many options with Head Rush products. Our devices help create climbing, zipping, and jumping adventures that are accessible, provide a smooth ride, and have high throughput. All of our devices use eddy current magnetic braking technology that is extremely reliable and low maintenance.

Now is the time to add something new or freshen up your current attraction, so what's holding you back? Our adventure products provide an answer to these top five reasons for not adding a new element.

It's Too Late to Add an Attraction.

Our devices are modular and easy to install, so they can be hung and ready to use in a matter of minutes if you have a location that meets the device specifications. The TRUBLUE Auto Belay is easily mounted at the top of climbing walls or other climbing features. The QUICKflight Free Fall Device offers a stomach-flipping drop followed by a soft catch that can be an activity of its own or an addition to a ropes course, challenge course, or other attraction.

Example: Klatrehallen, a Norwegian climbing gym, had tall walls and bouldering pads already, so adding a QUICKflight to their facility was a snap!

Lyst på et kick? #quickflight #adrenalin @headrushtech #climborkla #livetleker #avisast

A post shared by Klatrehallen, Orkanger (@klatrehallen) on
Aug 26, 2016 at 2:16am PDT

I Don't Have Space for a New Attraction.

Our devices can fit into many existing attractions as an additional, unique element or they can be used to create stand-alone attractions in a very small footprint. In fact, it's likely that you currently have unused space that is large enough to accommodate a free fall activity or two with very little infrastructure required.

Example: This simple build by Challenges Unlimited at Lake Ridge Ski Resort in Uxbridge, Canada has an extremely small footprint but still manages to utilize two QUICKflight devices to create a free fall activity.

I Don't Have a Structure That Would Work.

Do you have trees? Or poles or columns? Then you have enough to create a climbing and free fall experience all in one with this simple recipe! First, take our Arboreal Tree Climbing System to customize a climbing route that is as easy or challenging as you would like. Add in one TRUBLUE Auto Belay on a Universal Mount for fall protection. Mix in one small platform for the climber to step onto. Add the final element, a QUICKflight Free Fall, above the platform on the Modular Mount for a novel and thrilling descent. The result is an adventure activity all wrapped up into one simple setup, and all you need is one tree or pole to get started.

adventure ledge

I Not Sure I Can Afford a Device.

All Head Rush devices are designed to help increase throughput, which is partially why you'll see a high ROI and added value with our devices. TRUBLUE helps get more people climbing with less staffing requirements, zipSTOP increases throughput on your zip line with less work from both riders and guides, and our QUICKflight and FlightLine Free Fall rides offer high thrills along with high throughput. Check out the amazing ROI of QUICKflight at just $10 per jump to get an idea of the ROI potential of Head Rush devices.

free fall roi

We Have Enough Going On. It'll be lost Among Our Other Elements.

We're sure your current activities and elements are great! That doesn't mean visitors wouldn't be excited to see a new activity. Light up the novelty centers of their brains with a new climbing, jumping, or zipping activity!

Another benefit is the social and shareable nature of some of these adventure activities. Both QUICKflight and FlightLine Free Fall rides are great when placed near a gathering area or ticketing location, and both create many photo and video opportunities for sharing on social. Observers love watching and cheering as people jump, and a crowd gathered to watch only makes the free fall activities that much more appealing.

Examples: Our FlightLine Free Fall Ride is especially fun to watch and is notorious for coaxing out screams. Even Head Rush employees who have jumped multiple times can't keep their reactions in! This makes FlightLine a great social element that is fun for jumpers and observers alike. Enjoy (and share!) some of our favorite screams and hilarious reactions from FlightLine jumps!"

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