4 Ways TRUBLUE Simplifies Auto Belay Ownership for FECs

Running a successful Family Entertainment Center is anything but simple. Between staffing requirements, facility upkeep, customer service, concessions, continuous improvement efforts, and the litany of other activities that you have to manage on a daily basis, the last thing you want to do is waste time dealing with problematic equipment.

That’s why we strive to provide an industry-leading operator experience to go along with our best-in-class user experience. At every step along the product lifecycle, we’ve engineered solutions to make life easier for our FEC partners. Here are four ways that we’ve simplified the experience of owning and operating an auto belay.

1. Out of the Box Installation

We designed our installation process to be quick and easy, with no technical skills required. TRUBLUEs are built with a Primary mounting point for weight loading, as well as a backup Secondary mounting point for an extra layer of security. The new TRUBLUE iQ Series also comes with a replaceable Mount Guard to protect the underlying metal from being scratched or damaged.

If you’re not sure where to start, we recommend looking into a Mounting Kit, which contains all of the necessary hardware for securely installing a TRUBLUE to your desired mounting point.<


TRUBLUE SPEED device attached to TRUMount

Not sure where to hang your auto belay? The TRU-Mount simplifies the process, offering increased flexibility and allowing you to install a TRUBLUE on nearly any climbing wall or structure.

2. Low Maintenance Requirements

If it ain’t broke, you don’t have to fix it.

TRUBLUE is known by climbers for its patented magnetic braking system, which provides a smooth, comfortable descent. But did you know that same magnetic braking system is also great for operators?

The reason for this is that magnetic braking is friction-free, meaning that it does not rely on contacting internal parts in order to work. By reducing the internal points of contact, our braking system also decreases the amount of wear placed on the internal components. Not only does this extend the overall lifespan of the auto belay, it also decreases the amount of maintenance and part replacements required throughout its life.

3. Rapid Webbing Changeovers

With the release of the TRUBLUE iQ Series, we introduced a wider, more durable webbing in our auto belays than ever before. However, even the best webbing needs to be replaced after regular and heavy use.

The webbing replacement process can be tedious and time consuming, but it doesn’t have to be. With TRUBLUE, you can change out your old webbing line in a matter of minutes. In fact, you don’t even have to dismount the device from the wall to make the switch.

4. No Delay Belay Service Plan

Even easier than changing out the webbing for yourself, by joining our all-inclusive No Delay Belay service program you will receive one free webbing replacement each year. This new webbing comes pre-installed, so you can take your TRUBLUE straight out of the box and onto the wall.

We designed No Delay Belay to simplify the annual service process.

Regardless of brand or model, every modular recreational auto belay is required to go through an annual service appointment in order to stay in compliance with third-party safety certifications. With No Delay Belay, you will automatically receive a newly serviced TRUBLUE Auto Belay before your current device is due for service. All you have to do is switch out the devices and send the old one back to us. You don’t even need to use a different box, and a return shipping label is provided.

We will also work with you to ship all of your auto belays at the same time. That way, you can fulfill the annual service requirements for your entire facility in a single day.

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