TBiQ+ - Battery Pack


18 V rechargeable lithium-ion Battery Pack powers all sensors, lights, and is required to activate Catch-and-Hold Mode on the TRUBLUE iQ+ Auto Belay.

*DO NOT SHIP BATTERY unless you are licensed to do so.

Head Rush Technologies Battery Packs are designed with features that protect the lithium-ion cells and maximize battery life. Battery Packs are fully chargeable, using Head Rush Technologies’ Battery Charge Station.

Key Care for the Environment:

To preserve natural resources, please recycle batteries properly. This product uses lithium-ion batteries. Local, State, or Federal laws may prohibit disposal of batteries in ordinary trash. Consult your local waste authority for information regarding available recycling and/or disposal options.

Key Cautions:

  • Only charge the TRUBLUE iQ+ Battery Pack with the Head Rush Technologies supplied TRUBLUE iQ+ Battery Charger. Attempts to charge the Battery Pack with unapproved chargers may result in damage to the Battery Pack, fire, or serious injury.
  • Do not attempt to power any device other than the TRUBLUE iQ+ with the supplied Battery Pack.
  • Do not submerge the Battery Pack in water.
  • Do not charge the Battery Pack in a damp or wet location.
  • Do not store the Battery Pack in direct sunlight or in a vehicle.
  • Consult the TRUBLUE iQ+ Operator Manual for more information.
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