TRUBLUE Announced as the Official Auto Belay of USA Climbing

USA Climbing announced today a multi-year partnership with TRUBLUE by Head Rush Technologies, the Official Auto Belay Sponsor of USA Climbing.

The new partnership brings TRUBLUE’s industry-leading technology to help U.S. Olympic and National Team athletes win National Championships and prepare for international competitions. TRUBLUE’s auto belay systems will be available to athletes in the USA Climbing National Team Training Center in Salt Lake City as well as USA Climbing National Championships and National Cup Series events.

Beyond the commitment to elite athletes, TRUBLUE shares USA Climbing’s desire to increase diversity within the sport of climbing, provide greater support for paraclimbing, and support the critical nationwide network of indoor commercial climbing gyms. As part of the partnership, the brand will provide USA Climbing affiliated gyms with special offers and unique content throughout the partnership.

“As we prepare our athletes for international competitions, we need the best possible technology for our Training Center and national events,” said John Muse, VP of Sport of USA Climbing. “This is a sport where fractions of a second can matter and we are confident that TRUBLUE will help us achieve our best.”

“We are thrilled to partner with USA Climbing as their athletes prepare for climbing’s inaugural Olympic Games,” said Lea Ann Zuellig, President & CEO of Head Rush Technologies. “We pride ourselves on making the best products and supporting climbers of all abilities. We look forward to collaborating with USA Climbing to grow the sport.”

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