The Most Advanced Auto Belay in the world

TRUBLUE is the most highly certified Auto Belay in the world!
TRUBLUE is the most highly certified Auto Belay in the world
Certified in accordance with EN341:2011-1A and EN360:2002

What does this mean?

Head Rush Technologies believes in testing our equipment to the strictest standards. We have an awesome responsibility as the world leader in Auto Belay manufacturing to take the lead in regulation and safety requirements. With one billion descents a year on our devices around the world, we have the most tested auto belay on the market. So what is CE Certification?

  • EN341:2011 is the CE standard for Personal Protective Equipment against falls from height – Descender Devices
  • “Class 1” – Relates to automatic descenders
  • “A” – Signifies the highest level of testing in this category
    EN 341 Descender Testing Chart
    *Minimum energy absorbed (tested by number of descents at max weight) needed as minimum qualification for each level of EN341 testing.
  • EN360:2002 is the CE standard for Personal Protective Equipment against falls from height – Retractable type fall arresters
  • This standard sets maximum arrest force limits at 6kN

To achieve these certifications products must be tested at qualified third party labs in accordance with the standard.

Above and Beyond

TÜV SÜD tested the TRUBLUE devices to 10x Class A EN 341:2011. What this means day to day is that our devices have been tested to be capable of extremely high numbers of descents with no degradation in performance, thanks to our eddy current braking technology. Going above and beyond once again, TRUBLUE was also tested in accordance with EN 360. This means our device is designed and certified for shock loads. Being climbers ourselves we know how these devices are used, so we wanted to be sure that TRUBLUE was ready for anything a climber could throw at it. If you don’t have a TRUBLUE, be sure to check your device to see if it meets these standards.

Did you know?

Magnetic Braking is patented by TRUBLUE so it’s the only auto belay that doesn’t rely on parts grinding against each other in the braking process. This technology has been proven through billions of cycles in the field and unprecedented third party lab testing.

Why it’s important?

Every day, gyms, competitions, camps, etc. have a choice to make when they pick an auto belay for their business. They can choose the best, or they can choose one that tests to a lower standard. With lives hanging, we fully believe that going with the device that is the most thoroughly tested is the only option.

Who is TÜV SÜD?

TÜV SÜD is the world’s leader in testing and product certification and the most recognized Notified Body in the world. 2016 marked their 150th anniversary as a world leader in premium quality, safety and sustainability solutions.

How can I tell if an Auto Belay complies to the standard?

If a product complies, the product must be identified that it meets Regulation (EU) 2016/425, and this information must be printed in the manual. Furthermore, manufacturers must have a Declaration of Conformity available to owners and operators. Ask your manufacturer if their product was tested to the latest standard requirements.

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