The Most Advanced Carabiner for Your Auto Belay

The TRU-Lock Automatic Locking Carabiner is the most advanced Auto Belay carabiner available. Head Rush engineers gathered feedback from over 30,000 devices in the field and 1 billion annual TRUBLUE uses to design an aluminum carabiner specifically for Auto Belays. This purpose-built carabiner combines advanced TRU-Lock gate technology with a high quality swivel and integrated dual point connection to be the best carabiner for your Auto Belay.

TRU-Lock Carabiner Infographic

What This Means For You

  1. Is the TRU-Lock Carabiner available now? The TRU-Lock Carabiner is currently only shipping on all TRUBLUE XL devices and replacement webbings. It will be made available on all other models (including the TRUBLUE speed) in the near future.
  2. How do I get a TRU-Lock Carabiner?  The TRU-Lock Carabiner can be selected as a webbing connector option when purchasing the TRUBLUE XL Auto Belay or replacement webbing.
  3. Is there an additional cost for the TRU-Lock Carabiner? Get this new and improved aluminum carabiner at no additional cost to you.
  4. Is the TRU-Lock Carabiner sold separately? No, the TRU-Lock Carabiner is not sold separately at this time.
  5. Can I have my current webbing connector swapped out for the new TRU-Lock Carabiner at the time of service? No, only new TRUBLUE XL Auto Belay purchases and replacement webbings will have the option to select the TRU-Lock Carabiner at checkout.

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Understanding the Dual Connector

Secondary Connection Hardware

The Head Rush Technologies TRU-Lock Triple Stage Locking Carabiner has an innovative integrated attachment point for a secondary connection to the climber. This integrated backup option can be used for recreational or competition climbing to minimize the possibility of incorrect user attachment. Read the whitepaper here.

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