Campus Rec Centers Love TRUBLUE Auto Belays (and Here’s Why)

Attention campus rec centers! Is your climbing wall in need of an upgrade? For campus rec centers collecting cobwebs instead of active climbers on their climbing wall, we have the answer for you: auto belays.

Auto belays are the product of choice for many campus rec centers all over the nation that want to bring more students to their climbing walls. These tools proactively attract new climbers and open up a big door for seasoned climbers to enhance their skills and become more confident, intelligent and safer climbers on any face or problem. An interested campus rec center might ask, “What is the best auto belay set up for me?” Well, we are glad you asked.

TRUBLUE auto belays are the number one recommended and loved product for any campus rec center. Once hitting the market, these auto belays quickly became the most trusted, most widely used and most valuable auto belay in the world due to their high-quality design, patented magnetic technology and reliable performance. In addition, campus rec centers are loving TRUBLUE auto belays for these three reasons:

Ease of Use

With any new set up, the easier to use, the better. Campus rec centers choose TRUBLUE auto belays because they are simple to install, integrate and inspect. Easy installation is made possible with TRUBLUE Auto Belays’ flexible mounting options. TRUBLUE Auto Belay models accommodate walls up to 65 feet, making them effortless to integrate into any campus rec center climbing wall. Daily inspections are simple and well defined, so wall staff can do the job in just a few minutes to help keep climbers safe on the wall. And, when it comes time to replace TRUBLUE auto belays’ webbings, campus rec staff can do this easily in house.

Low Maintenance

There’s a reason why plants make the best pets for busy people, and TRUBLUE makes the best auto belays for campus rec centers: low maintenance. TRUBLUE Auto Belays use non-contacting magnetic braking technology, which means unmatched cyclical endurance. In simpler terms, TRUBLUE auto belays have long-lasting parts, which means little maintenance for campus rec centers to worry about in the long run.

Programming Versatility

Campus rec centers that offer a wide range of climbing courses for students attract more new climbers and keep climbers coming back to increase their skill levels. With TRUBLUE Auto Belays, more climbers can get on the wall during a program’s time slot while less staff is needed to supervise and coach. Climbers can also try out speed climbing with the TRUBLUE SPEED, the Official Auto Belay of USA Climbing.

Other TRUBLUE auto belay advantages include its “self-regulating” design that enables a reliable and smooth decent experience regardless of a climber’s weight. Campus rec centers also favor the TRU Climb feature. The trademarked TRU Climb Technology generates the most “TRU” climbing experience by minimizing pull on climbers. It is easy to see why TRUBLUE Auto Belays are the number one choice for both climbers and campus rec.

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