Auto Belays Encourage More Students to Try Your Campus Rec Climbing Wall

Campus rec centers and their student members have the ability to get more out of their climbing wall with auto belays. Auto belays are a proactive climbing tool that grants beginners the opportunity to get on the wall safely, without prior knowledge. With the accessibility of auto belays, campus rec centers can easily host an encouraging environment leading to more students trying the climbing wall as the popularity of the sport increases. Intermediate and advanced climbers will also benefit from the advantages of auto belays, as further explored below.

Newbie Accessibility

Picture the following scenario: A student walks into the campus rec center to try climbing for the first time. Thirty minutes after arriving, the student leaves without getting a turn on the wall and decides climbing might not be a fitting sport to try.

The climbing wall can be intimidating for any beginner climber, especially for those who completely lack knowledge or prior experience in the sport.

Without taking a class or working with a more knowledgeable climber, figuring out a top rope set-up can seem like a mountain to climb in itself. Campus rec and fitness centers can create an encouraging and more approachable environment for beginner climbers by adding auto belays to their climbing wall.

Auto belay at CU Rec Center

Climbing on auto belay at the University of Colorado

Avoid the Anxiety

Learning to belay is an essential building block in the sport of climbing, as a belayer is the individual who manages and controls a climber’s safety rope. For beginner climbers who have not yet learned how to belay, it is smart to work with a skilled belay partner unless there are auto belays on the wall. Auto Belays allow students to start climbing right away and get a feel for the movement without the anxiety of learning to belay or needing a partner.

Any level of climber can benefit from the partner-less feature of an auto belay. Instead of dealing with the inconvenience of lining up a climbing session with a buddy, climbers can fit in practice on their own time, including spur of the moment.

Level Up with Confidence

When acquiring new skills like lead climbing and rappelling, the learning curve can seem high at times. Such stress can harm a climber’s development by triggering mental blocks or moments of fear-induced hesitation. Students who have access to auto belays at their campus rec center or gym can take a load off and build confidence easier when taking on a new journey of progression. Auto belays provide a safe and reliable back up for climbers trying and practicing new things.

Choose Quality Over Everything

Campus rec centers that want to embody a safe and welcoming atmosphere while attracting more students to try climbing need to invest in a quality auto belay that is trustworthy climb after climb. TRUBLUE auto belays are the number one auto belay choice for campus rec centers, thanks to the device’s ease of use, low-maintenance requirements and unique magnetic breaking technology.

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