6 Ways TRUBLUE Auto Belays Benefit Campus Rec Centers

Campus rec centers across the nation are benefitting from the addition of auto belays by TRUBLUE. Auto belays enhance the offerings at climbing walls for athletes of all ages. For campus rec centers looking to improve their climbing experience, community and revenue, consider these six reasons why TRUBLUE auto belays could be the next best investment for your climbing wall.

Create Climbing Opportunities for Anyone’s Busy Schedule

Campus rec centers can accommodate even the busiest of schedules with auto belays. Having to coordinate with a belay buddy is a thing of the past as auto belays allow individuals to climb on their own watch. With auto belays, climbers don’t have to swap between belaying and climbing. Climbers can send consecutive routes and get more reps in over a shorter timeframe. This helps ensure climbers can fit a session in no matter how crunched for time they are.

Guarantee a Smoother and Better Climbing Experience

TRUBLUE Auto Belays are unique in that they use a magnetic braking technology to slow falling or descending climbers. Through the magic of magnets, the braking system is able to deliver a smooth and reliable descent climb after climb with unrivaled cyclic endurance. The journey down remains the same, even with indoor or outdoor walls as high as 20 meters. Plus, TRUBLUE’s TRU Climb Technology minimizes pull on climbers to create the most “TRU” climbing experience possible.

Welcome a Diverse Range of Climbers

Auto belays are versatile in that they cater to any climber, regardless of experience level, age, or weight. TRUBLUE auto belays in particular are not only made to fit more walls but more climbers too, with the ability to support a weight range of 22-330 pounds. That means with TRUBLUE Auto Belays campus rec centers can provide younger climbers with the earliest possible introduction to the sport.

Help Athletes Progress

Campus rec centers can raise the athletic bar by offering auto belays to climbers looking to challenge themselves. TRUBLUE auto belays allow climbers to measure progress against a repeatable belay. Even better, auto belays are an incredible training tool, whether it be for technique, endurance, strength or skill building. And, for those training in speed climbing, the TRUBLUE Speed Auto Belay is designed to outpace future world record holders.

Rest Easy with the Most Tested and Trusted

Though it is a part of many sports, no one likes to get injured. An auto belay is an answer for campus rec centers looking to reduce injuries on the climbing wall. Injury can occur on the climbing wall because of contributing factors like belayer error, hasty ropework or lack of supervision. TRUBLUE Auto Belays not only help to address these human-related accidents, they are also deemed the most tested and trusted in the industry, exceeding the strictest safety standards in existence today. That means TRUBLUE owners and operators can sigh a breath of relief knowing they are taking all the precautions they can to keep climbers safe.

Grow Revenue

While auto belays support more climbers with less staff oversight and easily accommodate busy schedules and growing skillsets, perhaps the most alluring benefit is the chance for campus rec centers to grow day passes, memberships and programming revenue. Results from a TRUBLUE customer satisfaction survey show that an increase in membership and participation occurred in over 50 percent of universities and colleges that added auto belays to their climbing walls. As the popularity of climbing continues to skyrocket, auto belays are a proactive investment for any campus rec center.

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