6 Electrifying Family Entertainment Center Ideas

Family entertainment centers value fun and provide the means to make a family come together through numerous activities that everyone can enjoy. Sometimes these activities can become predictable or they can be turned into something new and become more thrilling than ever. Here are 6 family entertainment center ideas to take your design to the next level.

go karting

1. High-Speed Go Karts

Go-karts are a classic family entertainment center attraction. By making them faster they encourage healthy competition between family members and give the rush of high-speed fun. Just like that, basic go-karts become an unparalleled experience and provide the thrill that keep families coming back for more. Watch as family's race around the track and battle it out for the bragging rights of a lifetime in this ultra high-speed experience.

indoor quickjump

2. Free Fall Devices

A free fall device tests limits and provides the ultimate rush of excitement! This is a one of a kind adrenaline pumping way to enhance any family fun center. Families can experience a true free fall feeling in a safe and controlled environment. The QUICKjump XS is the perfect free fall device for Family Entertainment Centers. Encourage your peers as they jump from a platform of up to 26 feet in this ultra thrilling experience of a lifetime.

indoor blacklight minigolf

3. Black Light Mini Golf

Looking for some good old fashion competition? Then mini golf is the family entertainment center activity for you. Families can test their skills as they take part in this unique experience. Adding neon colors and black light to any typical mini golf course can easily turn it from ordinary to extraordinary. This is a great way to enhance ho hum entertainment center designs and can quickly modernize any facility. By adding this unique twist on the family classic of mini golf instantly makes for an exciting experience.

batting cages

4. Batting Cages

Batting cages are a fantastic kids attraction. Being one of the few family entertainment center ideas that caters to all ages, batting cages are always a favorite. Families can encourage each other while taking part in this awesome experience. Test your skill and power with batting cages!

laser tag

5. Laser Tag

Laser tag is a one of a kind activity that families won't get to experience anywhere else! By providing the means for an exciting ride and a little healthy competition, laser tag is beneficial to all types of customers. This is an activity that's not only exciting but also unique to family entertainment centers. Get everyone involved in this team-building environment that allows players to battle their peers in order to emerge victorious. Laser tag is a classic yet exhilarating family entertainment center idea that will keep customers coming back in order to experience that rush of winning!

kids indoor rock climbing

6. Rock Climbing Wall

A rock wall is a family entertainment center must! Test your strength and endurance in this exciting way while pushing your inner limits in order to reach the top. Like competition? Race your friends and family to see whom the real champion is. Make the climb and explore new heights with exhilarating family entertainment center ideas like this. Adding auto belays to your climbing wall can increase traffic and lower staffing costs.

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