12 Ropes Course Elements for an Exhilarating Challenge

Ropes courses strengthen an individual's self-confidence and problem solving skills. Participants can push their limits and face their fears with these thrilling high ropes course activities.

unstable bridge ropes course element

1. Unstable Bridges

Through unstable bridges, individuals exercise the ability to control their surroundings. One false move could send them falling. This exhilarating activity truly tests balance and unity of the mind and body.

z shapes balance beam ropes course element

2. Z Shaped Balance Beam

The Z shaped balance beam is a close cousin to a typical ropes course element, the balance beam. Forcing the participant to change direction every 4 feet requires carful thought and planning. This is a great ropes course team building activity that challenges focus and strengthens self-confidence.

inclined log ropes course element

3. Inclined Log

This is one of the most basic yet challenging elements you can add to any ropes course. The simplicity is key in challenging the physical endurance and balance of the individual. The inclined log pushes participants to find their center and ascend onto the next platform. This is one of the most thrilling high ropes course activities availaible.

free fall device ropes course element

4. Free Fall Device

Free fall devices push the limits of participants big and small as they take a trusting leap. This activity promotes self-confidence and allows for a true free falling feeling that’s hard find anywhere else. The participant must take this final leap of faith in order to complete the ropes course. This is easily one of the most exhilarating activities one can add to a ropes course!

cargo net ropes course element

5. Cargo Net

Cargo nets are a ropes course activity that's challenging and unique. There are several ways to make a cargo net work in your ropes course. A classic ladder type cargo net forces the challenger to test their skills as they ascend to the top of the platform. A unique twist on the classic version of the cargo net is to turn it sideways forcing the challenger to inch across horizontally in order to reach the other side. Each individual will face his or her fears and risk falling in this challenging yet thrilling activity.

6. Twisted Climbing Tower

A unique modification on the classic ropes course element of a climbing wall, a twisted tower thrill seekers dream. Like a normal climbing tower, the twisted climbing tower is a four-sided climbing turret but it's warped into a unique twisted shape. This minor alteration increases the difficulty and forces the challenger to test their self-confidence in order to reach the top. This is a great course teamwork activity because it gives team members the ability to encourage one another to push their limits in order to reach new heights. Additionally, add an auto belay to this or any ropes course element in order to increase throughput and decrease staffing costs.

leap bar ropes course element

7. Power Leap Bar

Looking for a ropes course activity that takes courage and provides the ultimate thrill? Then the power leap is the right ropes course element for you. In this high ropes course activity, the challenger leaps from the platform to a suspended bar a distance away from them. As one of the more challenging ropes course elements, the participant must face their fears and take a leap of faith in order to complete this activity.

power leap bar ropes course element

8. Power Leap Ball

The power leap ball is a more challenging twist to the power leap. The difficulty level of this challenge skyrockets as the bar is replaced with a ball. The challenger must break free from their comfort zone and leap from the platform to a suspended ball a distance in front of them. The participant's ability to find grip on the ball takes major endurance and skill. This is an exhilarating challenge that takes courage and strength.

giant ladder ropes course element

9. Giant Ladder

While strengthening teamwork and problem solving skills, the giant ladder forces the participants to come together in order to reach the top. This challenge takes serious thought and collaboration as team members unite to concur the massive gaps in an otherwise normal ladder. The team must work together to reach each step while encouraging each other all the way. The unique team building qualities of this element is what makes it one the most important of all course teambuilding activities. This is a truly exhilarating activity that will work well in any ropes course.

single line bridge ropes course element

10. Single Line Bridge

The one line bridge is an exhilarating challenge that requires problem solving skills and pushes physical strength to the limit. This activity is made up of a single line that spans from one platform to the next. The challenger must figure out how to get to the other side. The participant must inch their way across the line by using the strength of their arms and legs in order to get across the bridge. This is an extreme and difficult task that tests problem-solving skills and pushes participants inner courage to an extreme!

pipe bridge ropes course element

11. Pipe Bridge

A pipe bridge is a unique and exhilarating obstacle that fits into any ropes course. The pipes are connected by two parallel ropes which form a ladder shape. This bridge can then either be turned vertically to challenge balance or horizontally to challenge grip and agility. This is a great element for teams and individuals a like.

zip line ropes course element

12. Zip Line

By pushing the limits, a zip line makes any ropes course challenger a risk taker. Zip lines can be seen in many high ropes course activities because they push the limits and create the ultimate ride. With new zip line technology your ride can reach higher speeds, which makes for an ultra exhilarating experience. Zip lines are a great feature on any ropes course because they are accommodating for participants of different ages and skill levels. Modern high velocity zip line brakes allow participants brave enough to attempt this activity to get maximum thrill and a rush like never before.

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