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Facility Spotlight: A Day at the Edge Ziplines and Adventures

The Head Rush team took a field trip down to the Edge Zipline & Adventure Park to find out what one of Colorado’s top adventure parks had to offer. What better way to underst

Top 5 Climbing Games for Fun Climbs and FECs

Counting down the top 5 climbing games that you can play at your Fun Climb or Family Entertainment Center. These games are beginner friendly and pure fun.

An Interview with John Brosler: The Fastest American Man in Climbing 

Team USA’s John Brosler talks about his journey to becoming the fastest American man in climbing, the upcoming 2024 Olympics Games, and how his training changes between different

Innovative Adventure Attractions for Family Fun Centers and FECs 

We’ve hand-picked four of the most innovative applications of our equipment in Family Fun Centers and FECs. Browse our favorite signature adventure attractions.

4 Ways TRUBLUE Simplifies Auto Belay Ownership for FECs

Running a successful FEC is anything but easy. These are four steps that we’ve taken to simplify the experience of owning and operating a TRUBLUE Auto Belay.

What is No Delay Belay?

Auto belay downtime isn’t good for anyone. We designed our all-inclusive No Delay Belay program specifically to address this problem. Find out how it works.

Why More FECs Trust TRUBLUE Auto Belays

The technology that makes TRUBLUE a favorite training tool for rock climbers is also uniquely suited for FECs, though not always for the same reasons. Here’s why.

A Kid’s Guide to Gym Climbing (for Grown Ups)

Strategies to help instill a lifelong love of climbing, while still allowing kids to receive the full benefits and desired development out of their playtime.

ROI Considerations for Climbing Walls at FECs

Exploring the increasingly central role of climbing walls in the FEC hierarchy. How climbing can help FECs to increase revenues and maximize profit margins.

Pitfalls to Building Community in Commercial Climbing Gyms

Whether you’re looking for a better workout plan, blowing off steam, or you just think that climbing is fun, every person has their own reasons for climbing.

The Importance of Annual Service for Your Head Rush Devices

From minimizing risk to maximizing performance, learn how you can get the most out of your Head Rush devices by servicing them on an annual basis.

7 Adventure Camp Activities and Ideas

This list of summer camp activities will help turn any camp into an adventure camp for building confidence, teaching new skills and adding excitement.

Why Chris Sharma Loves TRUBLUE Auto Belays

There’s a good chance that is not the first word that pops into your head when you think about auto belays. One argument that we hear from gym owners against using auto belays is

5 Features Every Modern Climbing Gym Should Have

In Chris Sharma’s own words, his newest gym is “a little bit over the top.” Listen in as Chris discusses the key design considerations that went into building his most expans

Product Comparison: What’s New About the TRUBLUE iQ Series

How the updated features of our next generation auto belays benefit users, as well as operators.

Technology to Improve the Accessibility of Your Facility

2x Paraclimbing World Champion, Maureen “Mo” Beck, explains how the catch-and-hold feature of iQ+ can help make training more accessible to more climbers.

Watch Chris Sharma Climb the Crux on TRUBLUE iQ+

Pro climber and gym owner Chris Sharma tests out the revolutionary catch-and-hold technology of the TRUBLUE iQ+ Auto Belay.

The Role of Auto Belays in Self-Care

Even for an expert climber and adventurer like Sara Aranda, stepping into a climbing gym can be an intimidating experience. In her recent article, she reflects on the role that aut

8 Auto Belay Safety Measures

Chris Sharma outlines eight safety measures that he has implemented across his gyms, ranging from simple solutions like installing belay gates to large-scale shifts like designatin

Overcome Negative Impacts of COVID with TRUBLUEs

Whether you’re a longtime user of TRUBLUE Auto Belays or have never used one in your gym before, here are 5 ways that TRUBLUE can help your gym manage through the times of COVID.

A Sit Down with Emma Hunt, TRUBLUE’s Latest Sponsored Athlete

TRUBLUE is thrilled to announce that we've been selected to sponsor Emma Hunt. Emma is one of the fastest climbers on the planet, an extraordinary person, and a USA Climbing teamma

Catch-and-Hold: What is it and how does it work?

Catch-and-Hold belay is the latest feature from TRUBLUE's iQ Series Auto Belays. Available only in the TRUBLUE iQ+, Catch-and-Hold belay is activated and deactivated using two touc

Campus Rec Centers Can Bring New Training Opportunities to Collegiate Climbers with Auto Belays

Campus rec centers looking to invest more into new training opportunities for collegiate climbers can do so with the addition of auto belays on the climbing wall.

Why Your Campus Rec Center Needs a Climbing Wall (With Auto Belays)

Campus rec centers worldwide can attest to the benefits that come with hosting a climbing wall. However, the most significant value comes from a climbing wall with auto belays. Lea

TRUBLUE Recommends Offering These 8 Programs at Your Campus Climbing Wall

Campus rec centers looking to attract more members of the climbing community to their climbing wall can do so in more ways than one. For example, auto belays are a beneficial addi

Campus Rec Centers Love TRUBLUE Auto Belays (and Here’s Why)

Auto belays are the product of choice for many campus rec centers all over the nation that want to bring more students to their climbing walls. These tools proactively attract new

When and how to watch the Tokyo Olympics Climbing Events

We’re only days away from the first climbing event at this year’s Tokyo Olympics. Don’t miss Men's and Women's Sport Climbing in a combined event comprised of three disciplin

Campus Rec Centers Can Improve an Old Climbing Wall Using These 3 Simple Steps

A  climbing wall has the potential to bring value to any campus rec center that wants to extend its communal support to those who enjoy the sport of climbing. As the popularity o

Speed Climbing at the Tokyo 2020 Summer Olympics

The 2020 Tokyo Olympics adds Men's and Women's Sport Climbing in a combined event comprised of three disciplines: lead, bouldering, and speed climbing, the 100-meter dash of the cl

Auto Belays Encourage More Students to Try Your Campus Rec Climbing Wall

Campus rec centers and their student members have the ability to get more out of their climbing wall with auto belays. Auto belays are a proactive climbing tool that grants beginne

6 Ways TRUBLUE Auto Belays Benefit Campus Rec Centers

Campus rec centers across the nation are benefitting from the addition of auto belays by TRUBLUE. Auto belays enhance the offerings at climbing walls for athletes of all ages. Fo

Don’t miss the US Paraclimbing National Championships June 19-20

Don’t miss the excitement around this year’s USA Climbing Paraclimbing National Championships, hosted by Momentum Millcreek in Salt Lake City, June 19-20. This championship wil

7 Ways Magnetic Braking is Better than Friction

Are you still using friction-based auto belays in your gym? Then here are some thoughts that might keep you up at night: thermal deterioration, foreign substances like water and du

The Importance of Annual Service for Your Head Rush Devices

From minimizing risk to maximizing performance, learn how you can get the most out of your Head Rush devices by servicing them on an annual basis.

The Most Advanced Carabiner for Your Auto Belay

Enhanced usability and safety features make the TRU-Lock carabiner the most advanced Auto Belay carabiner in the world. Get all the details inside.

Buyer’s Guide to the Four Most Common Zip Line Brakes

Need help choosing the right zip line brake for your course? In this blog, we compare the four most common zip line brakes, including how each will affect your business's operation

Climbing for Change Partners with Stone Summit and 1Climb to Bring New Wall to College Park

Kai Lightner's Climbing for Change partners with Atlanta-area climbing gym Stone Summit and Kevin Jorgeson's 1Climb to bring not just a new climbing wall to College Park, but ongoi

Chris Sharma TRUBLUE Auto Belay Training Tips Video

In this video Chris Sharma explains how he uses TRUBLUE Auto Belays to train at his newly opened state of the art climbing gym, Sharma Climbing Madrid, including these three main t

How 3 Climbing Gyms Benefit From Auto Belays

Auto belays can help climbing gyms adapt to shifts in climber expectations, facility operations and revenue flow. Here are three stories of how TRUBLUE Auto Belays have benefited c

TRUBLUE Announced as the Official Auto Belay of USA Climbing

USA Climbing enters a multi-year contract with TRUBLUE by Head Rush Technologies, as the Official Auto Belay Sponsor of USA Climbing.


From sending Yosemite's Dawn Wall to starting 1Climb — a nonprofit dedicated to introducing kids to climbing — Kevin Jorgeson is an inspiration both on and off the rock. In thi

QuickFlight: More than just a free fall experience!

In this blog, we cover the top three benefits of installing the QuickFlight, including the QuickFlight's redundant webbing system, flexible mounting and CE certification.

How to Give a Proper Auto Belay Orientation

Set your business and climbers up for success with these four orientation resources for TRUBLUE Auto Belay owners and operators.

Which Zip Line Trolley Is Right For You?

From the fully featured customizable Impact Trolley to the lightning fast one-handed install of the EZ Clip to the compact affordable Micro Trolley, Head Rush has a zip line trolle

Learn How These Climbing Gyms Got Featured on EPIC TV

In this blog, we’ll explore how three climbing gyms managed to land a spot in the recent Epic TV episode, You Won't BELIEVE These 3 Climbing Wall Features.

8 Reasons to Try Auto Belays at Your Climbing Gym

From lowering overhead and increasing revenue potential to making the most of your space and training climbers, there are several reasons to try TRUBLUE Auto Belays today.

5 Ways Auto Belays Can Build a Stronger Climbing Community

What does it mean to have a strong climbing community? In this blog five climbing gyms share how auto belays help create and foster resilient climbing communities.

A sit down with Mo Beck, world renowned climber and all round awesome person

In this conversation with Maureen Beck, aka "Mo" Beck, we cut through any confusion that may be out there surrounding the sport of adaptive climbing.

Zip Line Pulley and Trolley Inspection

All Head Rush Technologies’ zip line rider trolleys and redirection pulleys are built for maximum durability and minimal maintenance, and regular inspection is a critical step to

Cleaning & Disinfecting Zip Line Gear

Many cleaners and disinfectants are not suitable to be used with Head Rush products. If trolleys, carabiners, and zip lanyards are in need of cleaning, use warm water and a mild de

Head Rush Technologies passes Regulation (EU) 2016/425 Module D factory audit

Dependability and durability are key attributes of our products, and this starts with our commitment to quality throughout the development and manufacturing process. Read this blo

Adventure Industry: Getting Started Again

Learn what the global adventure community is doing in response to COVID-19, including how facilities are approaching reopening, cleaning, and hygiene.

The Most Advanced Auto Belay in the world

With lives hanging on the line, you need to know you can trust your devices. In this blog, we explain the rigorous testing every TRUBLUE goes through in order to become certified t

Head Rush Technologies: Most Tested. Most Trusted. Most TRU.

The TRUBLUE Auto Belay is the #1 Auto Belay in the world, and every Head Rush Device leverages the same technology to be the best product in its class. Read on to see how we have t

How to Clean Auto Belays

Learn how to disinfect and clean your magnetic braking devices, like the TRUBLUE Auto Belay.

QuickFlight Is Now CE Certified – Take Flight!

All QuickFlight and QuickFlight XL devices manufactured after January 2020 now carry CE certification and have been tested to 10x the standard.

Training with a TRUBLUE Auto Belay: Endurance

Get ready to send those long multi-pitch routes with these tips for rock climbing endurance training using a TRUBLUE Auto Belay to increase forearm strength.

Training with a TRUBLUE Auto Belay: Strength Training

Get tips for rock climbing strength training using a TRUBLUE Auto Belay to help make you stronger, improve your grip, master those difficult moves and tiny holds.

Training with a TRUBLUE Auto Belay: Skill Development

The TRUBLUE Auto Belay is great for skill development of all types including climbing techniques and other skills such as learning to belay or improving footwork.

Routesetting for Auto Belays

This is your comprehensive guide to routesetting with an auto belay in mind. From grade distribution to snag-proofing these key points will ensure your gym is making the most of it

How To Field Replace Your TRUBLUE Webbing

In this video we'll show you the quick and easy way to change the webbing on your TRUBLUE without even having to take it off the wall.

Head Rush Research and Development Process: Behind the Scenes

Take a look behind the curtain of the Head Rush research and development process and see what the engineering design process looks like for adventure products.

6 Reasons Auto Belays are Great Rock Climbing Training Tools

Auto belays have many benefits, but rock climbing training is what auto belays are made for. Learn how auto belays help with endurance, strength and more.

How Do Auto Belays Work: What’s Going on in There?

There are three main types of auto belays and each type works a little differently and has a different mechanism of how they protect climbers as they ascend.

How to Use an Auto Belay: Step by Step Instructions

Get step by step instructions of how to use an auto belay including how to prepare before your climb, what to do while climbing and how to get down from the top.

What is Adventure Tourism?

Adventure tourism is a tourist activity that includes a physical activity, a cultural exchange, or activities in nature. Read this blog for examples and to learn more!

What Makes the TRUBLUE Auto Belay TRU?

There's a reason TRUBLUE is the number one auto belay in the world. Join us as we discuss everything that goes into making the TRUBLUE the best and most trusted auto belay of all t

School Rock Climbing Wall: Everything You Need to Know

Thinking about installing a rock climbing wall at your school? Here's everything you need including types and benefits of school rock climbing walls and more.

Head Rush Summer Recap 2017: Adventures & Photos from the Head Rush Team

At Head Rush, we work in the outdoor industry because we are outdoor enthusiasts. Join us as we recap our summer adventures in the mountains and around the world

Announcing the TRUBLUE Speed Auto Belay for Speed Climbing

The new TRUBLUE Speed Auto Belay takes the most widely used and trusted auto belay in the world and adds an extra dose of speed for speed climbing comps.

Goal Based Experiential Learning Activities for Adults

Learning while doing is a powerful teaching tool! Get ideas for your next activity with these examples of experiential learning activities for adults.

The Ins and Outs of Zip Line Trolley Retrieval Systems

Learn more about zip line trolley retrieval systems and how to eliminate the problem of rider rescue from zip liners stopping short of the platform.

New LightSpeed Zip Line Trolleys from Head Rush Technologies Aim to Transform The Zip Line Market

The LightSpeed Trolleys are designed specifically for zip lines and are the fastest, most durable compact trolleys on the market.

Behind the Scenes: Designing a Better Zip Line Trolley

Get a look behind the curtain of the engineering design process that went into developing the state of the art LightSpeed family of zip line trolleys.

Proper Jump Procedure: QUICKflight & FlightLine Free Fall

Make sure that your operators have mastered the standard operating procedures for QUICKflight and FlightLine Free Fall Devices with the help of this video.

Why You Should Add a Free Fall Activity

Head Rush free fall devices are incredibly fun and have an amazing return on investment. Read the blog to get more details and learn two more reasons you need to add a free fall ac

Proper Device Orientation to Extend Webbing Lifespan

These simple installation tips and instructions for your Head Rush Device can drastically increase the lifespan of your nylon and dyneema webbings.

Top 5 Concerns Riders Have About Their First Zip Line Experience

You might have a lot of questions about what to expect during you first time zip lining. We help you prepare for your zip line experience by answering these FAQs.

All About Bearings: Why Zip Line Trolley Bearings Matter

Learn all about bearings and why the high-performance bearings inside Head Rush's new zip line trolleys help them last longer.

Free Fall Adventures: Can FlightLine Compare to Skydiving?

Skydiving is an adrenaline rush, but how does it compare to the FlightLine? We analyze the differences and similarities of these two free fall adventures.

Learning Lead Climbing Basics on Auto Belay

Learning how to lead climb for the first time can be a little scary. Make sure that you take those first steps safely with this guide on lead climbing basics.

What is Speed Climbing? The Basics You Need to Know

Speed climbing will be making its Olympic debut at Tokyo Olympic Games in 2020, so here are the details you need to be in the know about speed climbing.

How to Attract More Customers to Your New Adventure Element

Is your latest adventure element not attracting the crowds? Five tips on how to attract more customers to your new attraction without spending tons of money.

Everything You Need to Know About Buying an Auto Belay

There are a number of different auto belays for sale, so how do you choose? Learn the most important qualities for choosing the best auto belay.

An Extreme Free Fall Drop Unlike Anything You’ve Seen Before

The FlightLine Free Fall Ride has all the key elements of extreme thrill rides and is one of the highest free fall drop rides with true free fall.

7 Adventure Camp Activities and Ideas

This list of summer camp activities will help turn any camp into an adventure camp for building confidence, teaching new skills and adding excitement.

6 Tips to Enhance Guest Experience and Increase Referrals

Learn how to enhance the guest experience and take your business above and beyond their expectations; you'll increase loyalty and earn more referrals.

What is a Family Entertainment Center?

Fun activities for the whole family to enjoy are hard to find but family entertainment centers have them all. What is a family entertainment center anyway?

Getting Started with Auto Belays at Your Climbing Wall

Do you want to add your first auto belays to your climbing wall but are unsure where to start? Take these first steps — your climbers will thank you for it!

Expert Advice on Learning How to Lead Climb in the Gym

Take a private climbing lesson with Chris Wall on how to lead climb, including tips for learning to lead climb with the help of TRUBLUE Auto Belays.

Zip Line Design: Components for a Complete System

There are seven elements required for a complete zip line system. Make sure to have each component in your zip line design to create a fun & reliable ride.

Add New Adventure Activities with Head Rush Products

You'd be surprised at how versatile Head Rush adventure activities can be. If you're wondering if Head Rush products are right for your business this is the article for you.

Summer Business Ideas for Ski Resorts

Business ideas for summer operations at your ski resort that will maximize your return on investment while creating memorable & exciting visitor experiences.

Character Building Activities with Free Fall Devices

Challenge courses are designed for team- and character-building activities. Learn how to make the most out of your program with your free fall device.

Developing a Business Strategy for Your Climbing Gym

Learn about three key elements of business strategy that will take your rock climbing gym's business plan to the next level.

What is Eddy Current Magnetic Braking Technology?

Our devices utilize patented magnetic braking technology, which is known for being extremely reliable, self-regulating and smooth.

Free Fall Drop at the Utah Olympic Park

Thrill seekers will find plenty of adrenaline activities at the Utah Olympic Park, including the Drop Tower with a 65-foot QUICKjump free fall drop ride.

Head Rush: Engineering the Best Adventure Products

As a company of outdoor enthusiasts, we are driven to engineer, and manufacture the best adventure products for those who want to climb, zip, and jump.

Expert Tips for Zip Line Brake Installations

Don't make your riders worry about braking; let zipSTOP do all the work! Create an amazing experience with these zip line installation best practices.

Expert Advice for Rock Climbing Endurance Training

Chris Wall from the Boulder Rock Club gives professional advice for rock climbing endurance training in the gym. The auto belay is one tool he recommends.

Tips for Taking a Beginner Rock Climbing (AKA Getting Your Friends Hooked on Climbing)

You finish climbing, head out for dinner together, and your friend is now gushing about how much fun they had climbing. You've set the hook, and now it's time to reel them in.

How Does an Eddy Current Brake Work? TRUTUBE Video Demonstration

Have you ever wondered how do eddy current brakes work? This video demonstration will show you the science behind eddy current magnetic brakes.

Climbing Questions Answered: What is Belaying Anyway?

The terms and logistics of climbing can get over complicated, but we've covered the basics of belay device, belay lines and belaying to get you started.

Best of 2016: Our Top Posts

A look back at some of the best posts from our blog, most liked posts from social, and our most watched YouTube video of 2016.

Best of 2016: Rock Climbing Gym Ideas

A selection of some of the best rock climbing gym ideas, events, and more from across the globe. Take these ideas and add your own flavor at your gym!

UPDATE: New Director of Engineering Joins Head Rush Team

Head Rush Technologies announces hiring of Rich Reynolds, a proven leader in life safety products, as Director of Engineering.

Ten Outdoor Gifts for the Holiday Season

These outdoor gifts keep on giving by getting you and your loved ones outside making memories. For the outdoor enthusiast, here are 10 outdoor gift ideas.

Winter is Coming! How to Stay Psyched on Climbing

The indoor climbing season is upon us, and we have six helpful tips on how to stay focused and re-energize your climbing routine.

How to Build Confidence to Take the Leap

Our QUICKjump and FlightLine free fall devices are made to make your palms sweat, but we have three tips on how to build confidence to take the leap!

Visit Head Rush Technologies at IAAPA Orlando 2016

Get all of the information that you need to find us at the IAAPA 2016 Conference in Orlando, Florida and get a sneak peak of what we'll have at the booth.

Effects of Adrenaline & Why We Love the Thrill

Standing on an 80 foot tower and leaping into the air with FlightLine, your body will experience an adrenaline rush, but what are the effects of adrenaline?

Arboreal Tree Climbing: Unique Outdoor Gift Ideas for Kids

One of the most unique outdoor gift ideas for kids, climbers, or the family, the Arboreal Tree Climbing set creates fun climbing adventures

How to Set Climbing Routes: Pro Tips for Great Routes

Advice from professional route setters on how to set climbing routes with 6 tips for setting routes under your auto belay device.

How to Build a Climbing Community: 6 Tips for Your Wall

Climbing can be about more than exercise. Whether a climbing gym or a university climbing wall, use these 6 tips on how to build a community at your wall.

Annual Service: What It Is & How to Speed It Up

Get the inside scoop on what happens during recertification of Head Rush devices and how you can speed up the process of your device's recertification.

Adventure Play: The Benefits of Risk Taking

Kids will be kids and that includes pushing boundaries and taking risks during playtime. Turns out there are benefits of risk taking and advantages to fear.

Head Rush Summer Recap 2016: Adventures & Photos from the Head Rush Team

As we celebrate the last day of summer and the official start of fall, we are sharing some of Head Rush staff's summer adventures.

Defending the Paraclimbing Championship: Maureen Beck on Training and Adaptive Climbing

Born with one hand and preparing to defend her title at the Paraclimbing World Championships, Maureen Beck shares her experience climbing and training.

QUICKflight: A Versatile Free Fall

Leap into thin air with the QUICKflight free fall device, one of the most unique amusement rides available. Use it indoors or outdoors and enjoy incredible ROI.

TRUBLUE Auto Belay Safety Standards

TRUBLUE meets the strictest safety standards, but what does that mean? 

TRUBLUE Safety Standards

Head Rush devices meet the strictest safety standards, but what exactly does that mean? 

Auto Belays Designed for Reliability

We create climbing products where reliability and risk mitigation is key. The goal is amazing user experiences and improved business operations.

Head Rush Adventure Products, Part 2: Tested and Trusted

As makers of adventure products for activities with inherent risk, Head Rush works to abide by all the safety standards that are applicable to our products.

Designed for Reliability

We create adventure products where reliability and risk mitigation is key. The goal is amazing user experiences and improved business operations.

Free Fall Adventures: The Life of QUICKjump

This is the story of my life 45 feet off the ground offering one of the coolest free fall adventures out there. Jump into thin air, and I'll catch you.

QUICKflight and FlightLine Free Fall Heights, Distances & More

Find out which Head Rush Technologies free fall device is right for your tower with this helpful infographic about free fall height, orientation and more!

The Magic of Magnets: A Physics Lesson on Lenz’s Law

Get a sneak peek into the physics behind our magnetic braking technology with a look at Faraday's Law and Lenz's Law. It's physics without the lecture.

7 Unique & Fun Team Building Activities

Ditch the stale, cliched activities and try these fun team building activities instead! Your team will thank you. Click to read the full article.

Zip Line Installation: Give them the Best Ride

Create a zip line with the best rider experience and is easy for staff to manage. Tips to improve your zip line installation and make the most of the ride.

What is Free Fall? A Quick Lesson in Physics

We'll explain exactly what is free fall, give some fun facts, and introduce you to our exciting free fall devices. No homework required with this lesson!

Tips from an Arborist for Choosing the Best Climbing Trees

Tips from an International Society of Arboriculture (ISA) Certified Arborist on choosing the best climbing trees for your Arboreal Tree Climbing System.

3 Reasons Why Annual Service for Your Device is Essential

We check our belay partners, so we should also check our auto belay partners. Annual service is the essential partner check for TRUBLUE Auto Belays.

Results of Our TRUBLUE Auto Belay Customer Survey

We sent a survey to facilities who use our TRUBLUE Auto Belay device to gather customer feedback to continue creating better user experiences.

Free & Affordable Summer Camp Activities for Kids

We've compiled a list of our five favorite summer camp activities for kids that don't break the bank but still add value to your camp. Read more now!

Does My Zip Line Trolley Need A Handle?

The right zip line trolley is essential for building a great zip line. Read this article to decide if you need a zip line handle to go with your trolley.

Tree Climbing Holds: Types & Terms to Improve Route Setting

Get to know your tree climbing holds with this glossary of terms. Click for vocabulary that describes climbing hold difficulty, type and orientation.

Deep Dive Into the Pros and Cons of Different Zip Line Braking Methods

Read about active and passive zip line brakes and the benefits and disadvantages of each type. Which of these zip line braking methods is right for you?

One Easy Trick to Double the Efficiency of Your Zip Line

A bad system for zip line trolley return could be cutting your profits in half. See how you can drastically increase the profitability of your facility.

Cool Tree House Ideas to Take Your Project to the Next Level

Take a look at these 10 cool tree house ideas that will set your tree house apart from the rest. Create something your kids will always remember.

How to Extend the Life of Your Webbing

Get the most out of your investment by following these best practices that decrease your unit's webbing wear. Download the white paper now to get started.

5 Applications of Eddy Current Brakes

I bet you didn't know that eddy current brakes are all around us in everyday life. Take a look at these common applications of eddy current brakes.

12 Ropes Course Elements for an Exhilarating Challenge

These ropes course elements are great for getting your adrenaline pumping and building team dynamics. Click to see the full list of ropes course elements!

6 Electrifying Family Entertainment Center Ideas

Looking for a new attraction for your family entertainment center? Take your FEC business to the next level with these six ideas for new FEC activities.

15 Thrilling Summer Camp Ideas

Here are 15 exciting summer camp ideas that are perfect for building self-confidence, creating good team dynamics and entertaining campers!

Top 14 Rainy Day Activities For Kids

These 14 rainy day activities for kids will keep the little ones entertained at home or in the city. Click for healthy and stimulating indoor activities.

Come Visit Us at ACCT 2016

Come Visit Head Rush Tech at ACCT 2016 from Jan 28th-31st in Lost Pines, Texas. Click for our booth number and the list of Head Rush Employees attending.

Auto Belay Benefits | Part 3: Creating Value for Customers

Learn how creating value for customers by having auto belays can increase your profitability and keep climbers coming back again and again.

Auto Belay Benefits | Part 2: Price Elasticity of Demand

We use auto belays as examples to explain how price elasticity of demand can help you your tweak your climbing gym pricing strategy to maximize revenue.

Auto Belay Benefits | Part 1: Competitive Advantage

Learn how to identify and exploit your climbing gym's sustainable competitive advantage to gain market share from your competitors with these examples.

Head Rush Technologies Announces Exciting New Products at 2015 IAAPA Expo

Head Rush Announced 3 new innovative products at IAAPA 2015. Click to read about the QUICKjump XS, Arboreal Climbing System and the FlightLine.

9 Amusement Rides That Changed the Industry

innovation in the last century hasn't only been limited to Apple products and breakfast foods. Amusement ride technology has changed immensely and there have been a few key trend s

My Free Fall Experience: Skydiving VS FlightLine

Kyle Berkompas from SparkShop compares his free fall experience during skydiving and his free fall experience with the FlightLine Free Fall Ride.

What Happens to Your Body In Free Fall?

This infographic shows what happens to your body in free fall including adrenaline's effect on the body and other aspects of the free fall experience.

Head Rush Technologies Announces Availability of FlightLine

Head Rush Technologies announces availability of FlightLine, the ultimate commercial free fall ride for amusement operators looking for extreme thrills.

Research Says Tree Climbing Improves Your Memory

A study from the University of North Florida suggests that tree climbing improves your working memory. Read about the benefits of climbing a tree.

Maximize The Potential of Your Existing Platforms & Structures

Get the most out of your zip line platforms and double down on the excitement and adventure with these amazing tips to get the most out of your structures.

Head Rush Technologies Releases Innovative New Product: The Arboreal Tree Climbing System

Head Rush Tech announces the Arboreal Climbing system, their new recreational tree climbing device. Click to read more about this innovative new product.

6 Camp Activities That Got Even Better Since You Were a Kid

The fun camp activities you loved have been taken to a whole new level. These 6 summer camp activities have improved by incorporating technology.

Economics of Auto Belays

Auto belays have an amazing return on investment due to their ability to attract climbers without partners, improve climbing training and many more benefits.

Do Summer Right: Increase ROI, Attract Visitors, and Add Fun!

Diversify your revenue streams at your ski resort so a bad snow season doesn't completely destroy your fiscal year with these summer activities for ski resorts.

Senator Honors Head Rush Technologies with Export Achievement Award

Senator Cory Gardner visited Head Rush to present us with the Export Achievement Award. Click to read about why Head Rush won the award.

4 Trends From ACCT 2015 in Palm Springs: What to Expect for 2016

Read about 3 theme park industry trends we spotted at ACCT 2015 and where we think the industry is going. Click for our industry analysis.

9 Mistakes You’re Making on Your Zip Line (and What to do About Them!)

Are you making serious mistakes on your zip line during operation or installation? Download our white paper to see the 9 common mistakes and how to fix them.

Business Ideas: Host a Charity Event at your Zip Line, Climbing Gym, or Adventure Park

Read about these unique fundraising ideas that are sure to raise money and increase awareness of your charity. Click for three creative fundraising ideas.

Learn About the Risk Free Head Rush Tech Demo Program

Learn more about how you can try Head Rush products risk-free before you buy. No cost or commitment. You only pay if you keep the product. Learn more here.

Trends From the 2014 European Attractions Show (EAS) in Amsterdam

Click to read about the three trends we identified at the European Attractions Show (EAS) 2014, held September 23-25 in Amsterdam.

Head Rush Tech Launches Gorilla Rope for zipSTOP Zip Line Brake

The Gorilla Rope is a high-strength nylon and polyethele rope designed specifically for zip line redirection and reduction lines for use with the zipSTOP Brake.

3 Trends from IAAPA Orlando 2014: What to Expect for 2015

Read about 3 theme park industry trends we spotted at IAAPA 2014 and where we think the industry is going in 2015. Click for Head Rush's industry analysis.

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