Operator & Installers Info

This page is intended for installers and operators of zip line systems that utilize the zipSTOP Zip Line Brake. Zip line construction is a complex process, so Head Rush has provided additional information about the zipSTOP Zip Line Brake in addition to the information outlined in the device manual.

Braking Distance Calculator

Knowing the braking distance of your zipSTOP brake setup will affect the design of your landing platform, the installation of your emergency arrest device, and the level of rider comfort during braking.

Use the Braking Distance Calculator tool to estimate braking distances, but remember that these are intended for guidance only. Always conduct unmanned testing on your primary brake and EAD to determine actual braking distance and performance on your zip lines.

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White Papers

These white papers will help you more thoroughly understand the performance and requirements of the zipSTOP Zip Line Brake and can help maximize the performance of your zipSTOP installations.

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zipSTOP Notices

The following are important zipSTOP notices that have been sent to operators and installers of the zipSTOP Zip Line Brake.

Additionally, the device manuals for all Head Rush products are periodically reviewed and updated. All device manuals and Manual Revision Notices are available online.

Zip Line Equipment

The LightSpeed Trolleys series of zip line trolleys are specifically designed for zip line use with all types of braking systems and are engineered to last longer than the competition.

Head Rush Technologies also developed two pieces of zip line equipment to maximize the performance of the zipSTOP Zip Line Brake: the Gorilla Rope and the Redirection Pulley.