LightSpeed EZ Clip TrolleyLightSpeed Micro zip line trolley

Lightweight Zip Line Trolley with Easy Clip-In

The EZ Clip Trolley has easy, one-handed installation – just press the trigger against the zip line – that will make your guides happy and increase throughput.

Other Features

  • The unique, patent-pending design of the trigger provides easy, quick installation to increase throughput
  • The integrated attachment link pivots with the rider, delivering a smoother ride and keeping both sheaves on the cable during braking
  • Four self-contained, ABEC-rated bearings make these the fastest compact trolleys available (with a running speed up to 75 mph, 121 kp/h)
  • The high-strength, tempered aluminum alloy and integrated ABS impact surface are extremely durable and designed specifically for impact braking
  • The curved design of the backup retainer slot keeps your backup carabiner in place throughout the braking process, reducing wear on your line

See what the excitement is all about

This short, introductory video demonstrates the highlights and the unique, patent-pending features of the LightSpeed EZ Clip zip line trolley.


  • Dimensions: 145 mm (5.7 in)
  • Weight: 507 grams (1.1 lb)
  • Maximum Running Speed: 121 kp/h (75 mph)
  • Rated Working Capacity: 15-150 kg (33-330 lbs)
  • Cable Line Diameter: 9.5 mm ≤ ø ≤ 13 mm (3/8 in ≤ ø ≤ 1/2 in)

Dual Line Configurations

The EZ Clip Trolley can be combined with the Head Rush LightSpeed Micro Trolley in dual line configurations.

LightSpeed Micro dual line configurations

Safety Standards

The EZ Clip Trolley is intended for zip lining applications and has conformed as Personal Protective Equipment to CE requirements stated by Directive 89/686/EEC + Amendments from:

  • EN 795:2012
  • EN 12275:2013
  • EN 12278:2007
  • EN 362:2005
  • EN/prEN15567-1