Maximize The Potential of Your Existing Platforms & Structures & Drive More Revenue

The challenge for may operators is that their platforms were designed as utilitarian, single-use structures. Whether you’re a zip line tour, challenge course, aerial park, resort, adventure park, family entertainment center, or experiential learning facility, you probably already have platforms or towers in place. Most facilities treat these platforms as single-use structures with a limited purpose, used for one specific activity such as climbing, jumping, zipping, or as a transition from one activity to another. The solution is start viewing your platforms and towers as potential revenue streams and think creatively about ways to utilize them to their full capacity for a wide variety of bundled activities.

This white paper evaluates methods for expanding your activity offerings with minimal investment in order to significantly increase profits. By exploring some out-of-the-box ideas, you will discover ways you can further maximize the potential of your existing infrastructure by turning towers and platforms from single-purpose features into multi-purpose income generators. It also includes concrete examples of how to adopt this business strategy and learn how it can improve your customer satisfaction and bottom line.