9 Mistakes You’re Making on Your Zip Line
(& How to Fix Them!)

The single best return on investment for any zip line operator is simply running a safe operation. There are a number of hidden factors that impede the efficiency and diminish the profitability of most zip lines, and many of these issues also put your participants at risk of serious injury. While you may not have been aware that these problems even exist, this paper will outline nine of the common problems and provide solutions to eliminate them.

Topics include the proper engineering and installation of the zip line and platforms, the importance if using an EAD (emergency arrest device) and using a rider-orientation constraint, proper setup and operation of your braking system, the importance of regular inspection of lines, equipment, and hardware, and how to reduce the risk of bodily injury to participants and enhance the customer experience. Fixing these mistakes – or preventing them in the first place – will allow you to decrease risk to your participants, dramatically improve throughput, improve your rider satisfaction, and increase overall profitability.