Are Auto Belays Right For Me?

Facilities around the world with TRUBLUE Auto Belays see similar benefits over and over. Whether a climbing gym or a summer camp, auto belays will help increase participation and membership, expanding opportunities for programming and education, and mitigating risks.

What Are Auto Belays?

An auto belay is an automatic belay device that takes up the slack as a climber ascends the climbing wall. When the climber reaches the top, or if they fall, the auto belay catches the climber and slowly lowers them to the ground. Auto belays allow people to climb when a partner is not available and to climb on their own schedule. New climbers can learn to love the movement of climbing before they learn the technical skills of belaying.

Auto Belays at Your Facility?

Designed specifically for rock climbing, TRUBLUE is now used around the world at climbing gyms, indoor and outdoor climbing walls, recreation centers, training centers, camps, universities – anywhere people need reliable fall protection or controlled descents from heights.

Find out how your facility can benefit from adding auto belays:

Benefits of Auto Belays

Auto belays are commonly used in climbing gyms and at indoor and outdoor climbing walls. Many recreation centers, camps, and universities use auto belays to allow new climbers to try climbing, to let experienced climbers climb on their own time, and so that fewer staff members can supervise multiple climbers at the same time. Auto belays are also great for climbers to learn new skills like belaying, rappelling, lead climbing, and lead belaying. Use auto belays anywhere people need reliable fall protection or to descend from heights.

Minimizing the Barriers to Entry

Get new participants climbing and hooked on the sport after a quick auto belay orientation.

Attract Solo Climbers

Increase traffic by allowing climbers to visit whenever their schedule allows, regardless of the availability of belay partners.

Increase Programming Opportunities

Hold more classes, birthday parties, clinics and other group programming while keeping staffing costs to a minimum.

Minimize Risk

The biggest risk in running a climbing facility are falls related to belayer human error; auto belay devices help mitigate that risk.

Increase Educational Opportunities

Climbers can practice belaying, lead climbing, lead belaying, and rappelling skills with an auto belay as a backup.

Provide a Unique Training Tool

With auto belays, climbers can climb laps to build endurance, add climbing into their circuit training, and work on drills to build skills without burning out their belay partner.

Customer Stories

This short video tells how one customer, the Boulder Rock Club, uses auto belays and the benefits they've seen at their facility. These same results have been replicated around the world at other facilities using TRUBLUE Auto Belays.