Are Auto Belays Right For Me?


Colleges & Universities

Increase participation and maximize the educational value of your school’s climbing wall with TRUBLUE Auto Belays.

Benefits of Auto Belays in Colleges & Universities

Introduce People to Climbing

Auto belays help first-time climbers try the sport without the potential anxiety caused by learning to belay. It allows them an opportunity to experience the movement and become hooked on the sport. Adding auto belays to your campus climbing wall will help increase your walk-in rate and overall participation.

For Solo Climbers

Sometimes students just don't have a partner for climbing. Maybe they are new to the sport and don’t have a belay partner or their belay partner has a different schedule. Maybe they have an hour between classes and want to get in a quick climbing session on their own. Incorporating auto belays into your campus climbing wall provides an option for solo climbers and keeps them engaged.

For Kids Programming & Parties

With auto belays, colleges and universities have an additional offering to engage the greater community. Auto belays are a great option for kids programming, especially for younger kids that might not be ready to belay. Using auto belays in your programs and camps allows staff to concentrate on teaching and fun, not belaying. Plus, you need less staff to run your programs, resulting in a lower cost for you.

For Adult Programming & Training

Auto belays provide the opportunity to teach students to belay, lead climb and belay, or rappel with full backup protection. During classes or clinics, auto belays give staff the ability to provide more coaching to more participants at one time.

50% of colleges and universities with TRUBLUE Auto Belays have seen an increase in membership/participation on their climbing walls since adding the auto belays

(TRUBLUE Owner Survey 2012-13)

Customer Testimonial

In this video, the students and staff at University of Nebraska – Lincoln talk about how the auto belays have enhanced the social and educational aspects of their climbing wall and their recreation program.