Are Auto Belays Right For Me?


Recreation Centers & Clubs

Use TRUBLUE Auto Belays in your facility to reduce the barriers to entry for new climbers and allows more experienced climbers to climb unsupervised.

Benefits of Auto Belays for Recreation Centers or Clubs

Introduce People to Climbing

Auto belays help first-time climbers try the sport without the potential anxiety caused by learning to belay. Adding auto belays to your climbing wall will help increase your walk-in rate and overall participation.

Reduced Staffing Requirements

Fewer staff can supervise more climbing with auto belays because you eliminate the need to have a belayer on every rope. Your staff will have more time to engage participants and provide instructions rather than belaying.

For Solo Climbers

Let them climb on their own schedule with auto belays. Climbers can come in and climb when they have the time, without worry about having a belay partner or staff available to belay them. This will increase the use of your climbing wall during off-peak hours.

For Kids Programming & Parties

Open up more opportunities for kid programming and parties with auto belays. Using auto belays in your programs and camps allows staff to concentrate on teaching and fun, not belaying. Plus, you need less staff to run your programs, resulting in a lower cost for you.

"Without the auto belays there were delays with people being able to climb. With TRUBLUEs we're able to have three people climb at a time. Plus, it's cut our costs in half. It's been great!” – Matt Mack, Dickinson Parks & Recreation

Customer Testimonials

See how TRUBLUE Auto Belays have made a positive contribution to both the overall business and to users at the Breckenridge Recreation Center and the Longmont Recreation Center.