Are Auto Belays Right For Me?


K-12 Schools

In a school environment, the TRUBLUE Auto Belay provides educators with more opportunity to teach instead of belaying.

Benefits of Auto Belays for K-12 Schools

Introduce People to Climbing

Auto belays help first-time climbers try the sport without the potential anxiety caused by learning to belay. Teachers can focus on building confidence and building skills without worrying about belaying.

Increase Participation

More students are able to climb with auto belays during a time-crunched gym class or after school session while a teacher or coach can monitor a larger number of students at one time. This gives students more time on the wall for physical activity and skill building.

Increase Educational Opportunities

Teach students new skills while the auto belay provides reliable protection. Students can practice belaying, lead climbing, lead belaying, and rappelling skills with an auto belay as a backup. Fewer staff can provide more coaching to more participants this way.