Are Auto Belays Right For Me?


FECs & Amusement Parks

Use TRUBLUE Auto Belays to provide fall protection for climbing walls, a unique way to exit ropes courses, and much more – all while increasing throughput and reducing staffing costs.

Benefits of Auto Belays for FECs & Amusement Parks

Reduced Staffing Requirements

Fewer staff can supervise more climbing with auto belays because you eliminate the need to have a belayer on every rope. Staffers can concentrate on guest interaction and safety with minimum training required, and parents are more confident with the TRUBLUEs as well.

Higher Throughput

It’s quick and easy for staff to clip guests into the auto belay and get them climbing or onto ropes course elements. This reduces transition time between activities and increases throughput.

Versatile & Easy to Use

Auto belays are perfect for pairing with other adventure activities like the Arboreal Tree Climbing System to create climbing activities with existing trees, poles, or columns. Or step it up a notch with QUICKjump for an exciting indoor or outdoor free fall adventure.

"There’s virtually no maintenance. They are definitely worth the investment. Putting in the four TRUBLUEs was the best thing that we could have ever done.” – Mike Fitzgerald, Mid Air Adventures