Are Auto Belays Right For Me?


Climbing Gyms

Climbing gyms with TRUBLUE Auto Belays see an increase in membership and retention while also being able to expand programming without additional staffing requirements.

Benefits of Auto Belays in Climbing Gyms

Introduce People to Climbing

Auto belays help first-time climbers try the sport without the potential anxiety caused by learning to belay. It allows them an opportunity to experience the movement and become hooked on the sport. Adding auto belays to your gym will help increase your walk-in rate, memberships, and retention.

For Solo Climbers

Sometimes your members just don't have a partner for climbing. Conflicting schedules and short lunch hours can get in the way of a quality partner session. Or you might have a member that is new to the area. Incorporating auto belays into your facility provides an option for these single climbers, keeping them engaged and coming back.

Training Options

Experienced climbers often use auto belays to build endurance, add climbing to their circuit training, and work on drills to build skills. Auto belays provide a great opportunity for fitting these training exercises into your schedule and without burning out belay partners.

More Kids Programming & Parties

Auto belays are a great option for kids programming, especially for younger kids that might not be ready to belay. Using auto belays in your kids programs allows staff to concentrate on teaching, not belaying. Plus, you need less staff to run your programs, resulting in a lower cost for you.

For Adult Programming & Training

Auto belays can also have a place in adult programming. They are great for teaching climbers to belay, lead climb and belay, or rappel with full protection. During classes or clinics, auto belays give staff the ability to provide more coaching to more participants at one time.

FACT: 61% of climbing gyms say that membership/participation has increased since they purchased their TRUBLUE Auto Belays

(Based on 2012-13 survey of climbing gym owners across the U.S. who had installed auto belays)

Video Testimonials

TRUBLUE for Climbing GymsWith auto belays, climbers can run laps to build endurance, add climbing into their circuit training, and work on drills to build skills without burning out their belay partner.

Circuit Training & Auto BelaysAt the Boulder Rock Club, they were an early pioneer in using auto belays in training for climbers of all levels. This video documents how the club used auto belays as a key component in circuit training for climber fitness.