Recertification FAQs & Resources

How can I improve recertification turnaround time?

  1. Pay for your recertification service in advance.
  2. Include your recertification order confirmation in the box when you ship your device.
  3. October through April are busy months for recertification. Consider scheduling your recertification for other months.

What happens during recertification?

  • Each device goes through a 62-point inspection process
  • Any standard updates are made to the device and repairs are made if required
  • The device is reassembled and thoroughly cleaned
  • The device is tested on the TRUTEST where the full range of weights are applied and results are recorded
  • We ship the device back, and it’s ready for action

What are the benefits of a yearly recertification process?

  1. Annual recertification provides reassurance and peace of mind, and the importance of risk management and proper maintenance can’t be understated.
  2. The eddy current magnetic braking in our devices gives you unmatched reliability and performance that reduces maintenance costs overall and saves you money in the long run.
  3. The recertification process is just like other important check-ups that happen in life, like rotating your tires or visiting the doctor. It’s a regular task that can be scheduled and anticipated.

How do I send my device in for recertification?

We have detailed instructions available to help you get your device recertified and ready to go for another year.