QUICKjump Free Fall Device

Step up to the edge and take a leap with QUICKjump, a thrilling free fall device unlike any other.

A Unique Free Fall Experience

The QUICKjump Free Fall device gives jumpers a thrilling free fall experience before softly catching them and lowering them to the ground. QUICKjump can be set up for free fall jumps that range from mild to wild. The wide range of mounting heights and allowable participant weights make QUICKjump a great free fall element for ropes courses, challenge courses, family entertainment centers, or any attraction looking to add extra “wow” factor.

Thrilling Free Fall

Enjoy a true free fall sensation for a stomach-flipping thrill that is followed by a soft catch. The QUICKjump Free Fall device is a unique and memorable experience for participants who want an adventure.

High Throughput

The QUICKjump retracts quickly, allowing for rapid turnover and providing a high return on investment. Use it as a standalone element or for fun descent as the final element of a ropes course or challenge course.

Flexible Mounting

Mount the QUICKjump indoors or outdoors with options for low mounting or mounting as high as 21.8 m (71 ft). Optional ripcord accessories are available to extend the free fall and increase the thrill factor.

Wide Range of User Weights

Kids and adults will love the free fall adventures, and QUICKjump accommodates a wide range of participant weights from 20-130 kg (44-285 lbs).

Modular & Compact

It’s easy to add a free fall element when the QUICKjump is modular, compact, and easy to install. If you already have a tower or platform, the QUICKjump Free Fall device is designed to be hung easily from a top anchor.

Minimal Maintenance & Low Cost of Ownership

Head Rush’s patented magnetic eddy current braking technology is extremely reliable and has a low cost of ownership. The braking is friction-free and there are no contacting parts in the braking system.

"We had a great summer here with the QUICKjumps, which succeeded in speeding up our ropes course - which is exactly what we hoped for. I think people loved the thrill as well, and the leaders who come back each year said they won’t dread this like they did our old course exit, which is a great thing!" – Corey Austin, Young Life Lake Champion

See QUICKjump In Action

See what the QUICKjump Free Fall device looks like in action, and consider where you could add a free fall element for extra “wow” factor and added thrills.

Specifications & Safety Standards

  • Rated Working Capacity: 20 to 130 kg (44 to 285 lbs)
  • Dimensions: 80 x 320 x 216 mm (15 x 12.6 x 8.5 in)
  • Device Weight:
    • QUICKjump: 19.75 kg (44 lbs)
    • QUICKjump XL: 20.8 kg (46 lbs)
  • Warranty (all devices): 2 years
  • ASTM F2291-11: Standard Practice for Design of Amusement Rides and Devices
Minimum Mounting Height Maximum Mounting Height
No RipCord 8 m (26 ft) 12.5 m (41 ft)
0.8 m Low Mount RipCord 5.3 m (17.4 ft) 8 m (26.25 ft)
1.5 m RipCord 9.5 m (31 ft) 14 m (46 ft)
No RipCord 10 m (33 ft) 20 m (65.5 ft)
1.5 m RipCord 12.5 m (40.5 ft) 21.8 m (71 ft)

QUICKjumps Around the World

People around the world are catching air and experiencing free fall adventures they won’t forget. See the many locations with QUICKjump Free Fall devices in action.

Meet QUICKjump's Bigger, Badder Brother

Want to go even higher and free fall even further? Check out the FlightLine Free Fall, Head Rush Technologies’ most extreme free fall adventure! With maximum jump heights of 24.5 m (80 ft) and free fall distances up to 11 m (36 ft), FlightLine is an adrenaline rush unlike anything else. QUICKjump and FlightLine both offer thrilling free fall adventures for those who want to stand out and jump. Use this infographic to find the free fall for your facility.


Mounting Kit

Mounting KitHas what you need for a single-point mounting of your QUICKjump

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Landing Pad

Landing PadProvides durable fall attenuation for the QUICKjump Free Fall Device

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Modular Mount

Modular MountVersatile mounting system designed to provide an anchor point for a QUICKjump.

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