QuickFlight Free Fall Device

Bring free fall to your business with QuickFlight, an exhilarating and high throughput thrill for all ages!

A Unique Free Fall Experience

Imagine stepping off a platform and experiencing a taste of true, unrestricted free fall before being softly caught and smoothly lowered to the ground. A successor to the QUICKjump, the QuickFlight Free Fall Device creates a fun and exciting free fall experience for any age, now featuring a dual line system for increased rider comfort and operator peace of mind. Whether a building a standalone, eye-catching thrill or an unforgettable adventure course exit, QuickFlight is an easy install on your existing tower, bridge, or ledge. QuickFlight brings free fall to all!

See QuickFlight In Action

See what the QuickFlight Free Fall device looks like in action, and consider the extra “wow” factor that free fall would bring to your business.
Free Fall Selection Guide

Exhilarating Free Fall

Enjoy an unrestricted, true free fall long enough for a stomach-flipping thrill before experiencing a soft catch and lower to the ground. True free fall combined with the “ground effect” factor makes for a complete jump experience that is truly unlike any other!

Redundant, Dual Line System

QuickFlight’s redundant, dual line system and custom RipCords with Overload Protection Assemblies (OPAs) serve to maximize rider comfort and operator peace of mind.

Operational Compatibility

Mount the QuickFlight indoors or out with options for a low mount spanning all the way up to 23 m (75 ft). A wide range of weights and mounting options allow for a custom free fall experience that is compatible with the height of your structures and comfort levels of your clientele.

Eddy Current, Magnetic Braking Technology

Magnetic braking technology allows for a compact design that is easy to install, carry, and service, making it perfect for a top anchor on an existing tower or platform. The same technology used in trains, elevators, and roller coasters, eddy current, magnetic braking used in free fall offers a soft catch and smooth descent.

Minimal Maintenance & Low Cost of Ownership

Simple, easy to follow inspection process keeps operations simple and independently replaceable webbings, ripcords, and connectors keep down time and costs at a minimum.

High Throughput

The QuickFlight retracts quickly, allowing for rapid turnover and providing a high return on investment. Use it as a standalone element or for a fun descent as the final element of a ropes or challenge course. Easy installation, portability, and field replaceability of parts means you’ll save more over time, watching your customers free fall while your profits skyrocket!

Specifications & Safety Standards

  • Rated Working Capacity: 20 to 130 kg (44 to 285 lbs)
  • Dimensions: 80 x 320 x 216 mm (15 x 12.6 x 8.5 in)
  • Device Weight:
    • QuickFlight: 25 kg (55 lbs)
    • QuickFlight XL: 25 kg (55 lbs)
  • Warranty (all devices): 2 years
Minimum Mounting Height Maximum Mounting Height
Low Mount 6.0 m (19.7 ft) 8.3 m (27.2 ft)
1 m RipCord 8 m (14.3 ft) 14.3 m (46.9 ft)
2 m RipCord 9 m (29.6 ft) 15.3 m (50.1 ft)
QuickFlight XL
1 m RipCord 12 m (39.4 ft) 21.8 m (71.5 ft)
2 m RipCord 13 m (42.7 ft) 23.0 m (75.4 ft)

Flight Series Devices Around the World

People around the world are catching air and experiencing free fall adventures they won’t forget. See the many locations with our free fall devices in action.

Meet QuickFlight's Bigger, Badder Brother

Want to go even higher and free fall even further? Check out the FlightLine Free Fall, Head Rush Technologies’ most extreme free fall adventure! With maximum jump heights of 24.5 m (80 ft) and free fall distances up to 11 m (36 ft), FlightLine is the king of free fall devices. QuickFlight and FlightLine both offer thrilling free fall adventures of varying intensity. Use this infographic to find the free fall for your facility.


QuickFlight Mounting Kit

QuickFlight Mounting KitHas what you need for a single-point mounting of your QuickFlight

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Landing Pad

Landing PadProvides durable fall attenuation for the QuickFlight Free Fall Device

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Modular Mount

Modular MountVersatile mounting system designed to provide an anchor point for a QuickFlight.

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