Which Free Fall Device is Right For Me?

Stand out and jump with exhilarating free falls from Head Rush.


Add extra “wow” to your attraction with QuickFlight and FlightLine free falls. These devices work with a wide range of mounting heights and have modular designs to make them easy to install. The high throughput will maximize your ROI while adding extra excitement to your attraction.

The mounting height and level of thrill will determine which free fall device is right for you. QuickFlight offers thrills and excitement for anyone looking for adventure while FlightLine is one of the most extreme free falls on the market. Don’t underestimate FlightLine! It will challenge even the bravest of thrill seekers to take that step into thin air.

Choosing Your Free Fall Device

Use this infographic to help you determine which free fall device best suites your location and your customers. (Available in both imperial and metric.)
Free Fall Selection Guide