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Annual Recertification

Why Annual Recertification Isn’t a Hassle, It’s Essential

Harness on. Shoes on. Tied in. Ready to climb! Almost… you’re ready to go, but what about your belayer? Are they ready? We don’t forget to check our belay partner when getting ready for a climb, and similarly, we require annual checks on our TRUBLUE auto belay devices. The TRUBLUE is a climber’s partner after all, and even though partner checks can be a hassle, they are an essential piece of climbing safety that should not be overlooked.

TRUBLUE is the most reliable auto belay device on the market; our eddy current magnetic braking technology means there are no contacting parts used in braking to wear out or fail. This reliability doesn’t mean we slack on our safety checks, though, and annual recertification is part of our commitment to reducing risk. Auto belays are life safety devices after all, and we take that role seriously.


The Process

Head Rush Certification LabelHead Rush requires an annual recertification for all our devices to maintain the warranty and to ensure compliance with safety standards. This yearly recertification process is simple and easy. The device is sent to a service center (centers are located across the globe), our technicians provide a thorough check-up, any necessary services or repairs are made, and the device is sent back ASAP. The check-up includes a thorough inspection of all components within the auto belay as well as an inspection of the webbing and attachment points. The devices are cleaned to remove any chalk buildup and gears are lubricated to promote smooth, quiet operations and long life. Each TRUBLUE goes through a final drop test to verify it is working properly, and every auto belay is tracked by its serial number so we can keep records of each device’s history and health.


The Benefits

An annual recertification is part of the American National Standard’s safety requirements for personal fall arrest systems (ANSI/ASSE Z359.1-2007, section 6.1.1). The standard states that, in addition to regular inspections by the user (checking your webbing like you would check your rope!), equipment shall be inspected by a “competent person” other than the user at intervals of no more than one year. This is the official standard, but there are also numerous benefits to a yearly recertification process.

First and foremost is the reassurance and peace of mind provided by an annual inspection. Again, the TRUBLUE is a life safety device, and the importance of safety can’t be minimized. If we doubled the timeframe of our recertification to two years, we would also be doubling the chances that necessary maintenance was passed due. An annual recertification is our annual partner check for your auto belay.

Second, the yearly check-up for your TRUBLUE device is just like any other important check-up in life. From rotating your tires to an annual visit to the doctor, it’s something you regularly expect and plan for. The regularity means it’s something you can mark on the calendar and be less likely to forget about. Some TRUBLUE owners plan to do all of their recertifications during their slow season while others stagger their recertifications over time. Either way, they’ve come up with regular schedules that they can plan on and more easily remember.

Third, the unmatched reliability and performance you get with a TRUBLUE auto belay device reduces overall maintenance costs and saves you money in the long run. Magnetic braking means there are no contacting parts involved in braking that will wear out or fail, removing a common maintenance cost from the equation. The webbing system is preferred by climbers, will not damage walls like cable systems, and is easy to replace in-house when the time comes. Reliability and performance help you save money over time while also giving your users the best experience possible.


The Results

TRUBLUE auto belayThe TRUBLUE auto belay offers the best performance and reliability of any auto belay on the market, but that doesn’t mean safety checks aren’t important. Just like we check our belay partners, we should regularly check our auto belay partners, too. It’s no one’s favorite, but the annual recertification process is an essential piece in the climbing safety puzzle.

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Have questions about your TRUBLUE, the recertification process, or whether or not auto belays are right for your facility? Check out our video FAQs covering a range of TRUBLUE topics.


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