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Recertification: What It Is & How to Speed It Up

We’re giving you the inside scoop on what happens to your device when it’s sent in for annual recertification along with some helpful tips to help speed up the process.


What is recertification and what happens to my device?

Recertification is an annual process to make sure that your device is operating properly and any worn parts, like the webbing, are replaced. Head Rush requires this annual check-up for all our devices to maintain the warranty and to comply with safety standards.

When we receive your device for recertification, it goes through a 62-point inspection process. The internal components are checked to ensure they are still in good condition, and any repairs or updates are made if required. Some devices have parts that are replaced every year, like the retraction spring in the zipSTOP Zip Line Brake, to maximize its performance.

Finally, each device is reassembled, tested on the TRUTEST where the full range of weights are applied to make sure it is performing properly, and thoroughly cleaned. It is then ready to be shipped back to you and put into use again.

Does my device really need to be recertified every year?

Yes, it does. After all, our devices are life safety devices, and they deserve a thorough check-up once a year. Beyond that, an annual recertification is a requirement of the American National Standard’s safety requirements. Annual recertification really is an essential part of ownership of Head Rush devices and provides reassurance and peace of mind for these life safety devices.


How do I speed up the process and get my device back faster?

First, place the order for your recertification online ahead of time. We can’t check-in or service your device without an order. Once you have completed the online form, an order confirmation will be sent to your email address. Print this order confirmation and include it in the box when you ship your device so we have that information upon arrival. We’ll then start processing your device as soon as it hits our doorstep.

Also, know that we have a busy season for recertifications that starts in October and goes through early spring. If you can plan ahead to send your device in during other months, we’ll be able to get it back to you quicker than during the busy season.


Why is my unit taking so long?

There are a few common issues that may cause a delay in your recertification.

First, remember how we asked you to place your order for recertification ahead of time? This includes selecting a payment option. If you did not pay with a credit card at that time, then we may still be waiting for payment. In that case, if the actual payment hasn’t come through, we still can’t process your recertification and mail your device back to you.

Second, when paying for your recertification you will be given the opportunity to prepay for replacement webbing and to preapprove up to $400 in the case that repairs are necessary. If you do not preapprove these options, we have to pause your recertification until we can get in contact with someone to approve these costs. This can delay the process significantly.

If you prepay for a webbing replacement, we will only replace the webbing if necessary. If we don’t replace it during recertification, we will send the pre-ordered webbing to you for when you do need it. Oh, and did we mention that prepaying for webbing will save you 10%? You know the webbing will have to be replaced sometime, so take that savings and run with it!

Similarly, if you preapprove repair costs, our technicians will still only replace parts if necessary. In fact, they do not know ahead of time who has preapproved and who has not; they are only fixing what needs to be fixed. Having webbing prepaid for and repair costs preapproved will speed up your recertification in the event that these repairs are necessary.

Third, sometimes the mail just takes time. It has to arrive to us, be processed, get recertified by our technicians, and then sent on its journey back to you.


Where is my FedEx label?

When paying for your recertification, you can choose to pay for a FedEx label to ship your device to us. If you select this option, we then set up the label through FedEx, but it’s actually FedEx that will send you the label. Check your spam box. Sometimes it hides in there.

Jenna Stadsvold