Why You Should Add a Free Fall Activity

Looking for challenge course ideas or ropes course ideas to add extra excitement or for a fun way to descend from the course?  Want a new activity for your summer camp but not sure what to add?  Maybe you haven't heard of free fall activities, but it could be the solution you are looking for.

Imagine stepping up to the edge of a platform many feet above the ground and preparing to step off into thin air.  The QUICKflight and FlightLine Free Fall devices offer a thrilling free-fall experience ranging from mild to wild depending on your audience.  Participants feel fear, uncertainty, exhilaration, and satisfaction all wrapped up into one jump!  If that isn't reason enough, here are six additional reasons why you should add a free fall activity at your facility:

Add Free Fall to Existing Infrastructure

The QUICKflight and FlightLine can easily be added on to existing structures.  If you have a platform, tower, or high ropes course, then you likely have the infrastructure necessary to add a free fall activity.  With a few tweaks or minor additions, you could soon have an adrenaline experience at your facility.

Make It a Stand-Alone Element

Maybe you don't have the existing infrastructure or maybe you just want to create a stand-alone attraction.  The QUICKflight and FlightLine work well as an element in a ropes course or challenge course, but they also work well as their own adventure attractions.

Free Fall is Eye-catching

You're sure to have onlookers with their eye to the sky when you have a free fall activity.  It's fun to cheer people on when they are hesitating at the edge.  Many people have funny screams when they jump and fun reactions once they are on the ground.  It's a great spectator activity!

Free Fall Experiences are Sharable

It's shareable in the moment because many people have intense reactions to their first time free falling, but free fall is also made for social media sharing.  Photos and videos of QUICKflight and FlightLine experiences are extremely shareable.

Free Fall is Unique

Free falling is a unique experience that most people have never tried.  The QUICKflight and FlightLine are also unique in that they are more accessible than other free fall options.  They cost less, don't require a plane ride, and require less infrastructure than some other free fall activities.

Most of All, It's Fun!

More than anything, free fall activities are fun!  Sure, there might be a little scary mixed into the fun, but that's all part of the experience.  Participants will be talking about their free-fall experience for days after!  QUICKflight is a great starting place for new free fallers while FlightLine is for the extreme thrill-seekers.  Find the right free fall for your facility, step up to the edge, and take flight today!

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