What Makes the TRUBLUE Auto Belay TRU?

TRUBLUE Auto Belays, you may see them at your local rock gym or recreation center, maybe they were the first auto belay you knew about, perhaps you didn't even know you've used one. Wherever you fall, with a name like TRUBLUE, it begs the question: what makes the TRUBLUE so "TRU"? Here are five reasons we put the "TRU" in TRUBLUE:

1. A TRU Solution

Not only will the TRUBLUE work for the widest range of wall heights, it also supports the broadest range of climber weights and experience levels. The TRUBLUE is the only auto belay on the market that is CE certified for children as light as 22 lbs. This weight accommodation allows for an earlier introduction than any auto belay. A climber may otherwise have to wait as late as until age 12 before an alternative device is CE certified for them to safely climb. Since the TRUBLUE's braking technology is self-regulating, the same descent experience is created for both children and adults alike.

2. TRU Reliability

Our professional technicians complete a thorough servicing of each device every single year. This annual inspection means the TRUBLUE meets the highest safety standard in the industry for inspection and allows for the earliest detection of any potential wear that could put a climber at risk (up to a year sooner than some alternative device manufacturers). Shorter recertification periods mean a lower chance of unsafe operating conditions and less risk of device-related climber accidents. That is TRU peace-of-mind.

3. TRU Durability

Our rugged, exterior housing is robust, impact-resistant, and weatherproof for outdoor and indoor use. The device's unique magnetic braking technology has no contacting wear parts on the inside, so no brake dust will accumulate that could affect performance over time. The magnetic assembly lowers a climber to the ground, cycle after cycle, with a consistent performance; traditional friction brake mechanisms degrade over time.

4. TRU Climbing Experience

An authentic rock climb is between the climber and the wall. While on any type of belay, a climber should not feel the presence of the rope until the moment they need it most: the fall. Keeping this in mind, the TRUBLUE Auto Belay is engineered to offer the least tug or pull during ascent possible, resulting in the TRUest climbing experience offered by any auto belay out there. The TRUBLUE fosters a TRU climber performance.

5. TRIED and TRU

The TRUBLUE auto belay has been commercially sold for seven years, exists in over 36 countries, and has performed nearly 500 million climber descents. This makes the TRUBLUE the most widely used auto belay with more cycles-to-date than ANY device on the planet.

That's why the TRUBLUE is TRU. You don't have to take our word for it. You can see for yourself why climbers and climbing gym managers alike choose TRUBLUE. Thanks for reading. Keep climbing my friends.

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