Arboreal Tree Climbing: Unique Outdoor Gift Ideas for Kids

Tree climbing is a natural impulse for kids, but does that inclination really go away with age? Or are we all just looking for that opportunity to climb again? The new Arboreal Tree Climbing Kit from Head Rush Technologies makes it easy and fun for all ages to explore the trees! Recently launched and newly available on Amazon, Arboreal is one of the best outdoor gift ideas for kids and the entire family.

The Arboreal Tree Climbing Kit uses a simple ratchet strap system to place climbing holds on a tree to create climbing adventures. It's easy to install (no power tools or drilling required) and can be customized for fun climbing or to create climbing challenges up to 10 feet tall. This makes it a great activity for all ages and abilities. Keep the experience fresh by moving holds or changing holds without having to take down the entire setup.

The set includes 8 ratchet straps, 8 baseplates, and 8 handholds to get your climbing adventure started. The Arboreal Tree Climbing Kit is designed to withstand the elements while also being gentle on trees. There is no drilling required, and each ratchet strap is outfitted with a tree guard to protect the bark.

Your set will include a variety of hold sizes and shapes, and Arboreal is designed so you can place the holds in any direction you want, giving you more options for creating fun routes. Arboreal can be used to create a climbing activity on a tree, pole, or a column and can be used either indoors or outdoors.

It's the perfect gift to get kids or the entire family outside, staying active, and enjoying nature.

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See an incredible Arboreal Tree Climbing setup in Costa Rica. Your backyard may not look like this, but you can still create your own tree climbing fun with the Arboreal Tree Climbing Kit.

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