TRUBLUE Recommends Offering These 8 Programs at Your Campus Climbing Wall
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TRUBLUE Recommends Offering These 8 Programs at Your Campus Climbing Wall

Campus rec centers looking to attract more members of the climbing community to their climbing wall can do so in more ways than one. For example, auto belays are a beneficial addition to getting more climbers on the wall practicing techniques that build confidence in the gym and outside. Auto belays also make it easier to offer climbing programs at campus rec centers because students can practice their new skills while having an auto belay as a back-up.

TRUBLUE auto belays, the number one trusted auto belay in the industry, says that campus rec centers should offer these eight programs to open a world of opportunity for any climber that walks through their doors:

1. Multi-Pitch Techniques Class
A multi-pitch techniques class is a great opportunity to advance climbers’ knowledge on long rock routes. Such a course teaches proper techniques and systems for any climber to take on multiple pitches on a single route and skillfully communicate, climb and descend. A rappel class that teaches safe rappelling and knots pairs well with a multi-pitch techniques class.  

2. Gear Placement Class
A gear placement class, or intro to trad climbing, is essential when stepping into the world of trad climbing and learning to adequately, efficiently and securely place protection. This type of class should emphasize details such as gear placement being only as strong as the rock around and cover how and when to use different types of trad pro like ballnuts, hexes, tricams, nuts, cams and more. 

3. Canyoneering Class
Campus rec centers in states like Arizona, Utah, California and Colorado should offer canyoneering classes, as their states host some of the best canyon climbs in the world. But so should every other campus rec center in the nation because what climber does not want to conquer a canyon? 

4. Outdoor Climbing Ethics
Nobody likes finding trash at the crag. That’s one of the more obvious lessons you’ll learn in this course. Take a deep dive into climbing ethics, how and when to place gear, establish first ascents, and protect precious climbing spots.

5. Vertical Rescue
Safety always comes first in climbing, and what better way to support that motto than a vertical rescue course. Campus rec centers can teach climbers how to safely perform a rescue for those who find themselves in the predicament of being trapped at both heights and depths. 

6. Routesetting 101
Routesetting 101 is a great class to offer students and wall staff at campus rec centers to cover the basics of route setting principles for climbing. It is essential to know the purpose of a route when setting it as it can cater to training areas such as endurance, balance, competition, muscle strength or general enjoyment. 

7. Adaptive Climbing Program
Campus Rec adaptive climbing programs are essential for including climbers of all abilities. This program recognizes that climbers come from a community made up of individuals with various physical and mental abilities. Bring all to the wall with an adaptive climbing program that breaks down social barriers while instilling challenges, encouragement and support. 

8. Speed Climbing
For climbers who focus on speed as their ultimate goal, speed climbing classes can enhance both knowledge and tactics to knock seconds off an ascend. Campus rec centers can better serve these specific climbers in the community by upgrading their climbing wall with a TRUBLUE auto belay


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