Training with a TRUBLUE Auto Belay: Strength Training

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Strength training is another avenue climbers take to improve overall ability and often requires significant time on the wall. The TRUBLUE Auto Belay's ability to withstand dynamic loading can help you and your partner progress twice as fast. Here are some techniques you can use to improve your overall strength:

Lock-off training

Build strength in your arms, legs, and core by using lock-offs and holding tension. Choose a routes below a TRUBLUE Auto Belay that you can easily climb. Every time you move your hand, hold it right over the hold for 5 seconds before grabbing it. Continue this for every move staying in control.

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Try and keep your hips close to the wall. This will engage your core more, relieving some tension from your arms and allowing you to hold on longer. Another exercise you can do is to cut your feet on an overhung section of a route. Release your feet only and move them back onto the wall using your core strength. Repeating this many times throughout the route will help you improve your core strength.

how to use your core climbing

Training for difficult moves

Another advantage of TRUBLUE is the ability to practice large dynamic moves without the fear of a hard landing. You also get the benefit of practicing them near the top of the wall after you've had a chance to climb the rest of the route, better simulating your actual project. To do this, climb at least halfway up the wall and pick a large hold that is out of reach. Set your hands and get your feet as high as possible. Rock back and forth two to three times to build some momentum. On your last rock, push down hard and drive with your legs to propel yourself towards your target hold.

training for difficult moves

For other training tips, see our Training with a TRUBLUE Auto Belay posts on Skill Development and Endurance.

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