Training with a TRUBLUE Auto Belay: Skill Development

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At Head Rush Technologies, we like to refer to our TRUBLUE Auto Belay as "the training partner that's always there for you." Auto Belays enable climbers of all abilities to focus on skill development, strength training and endurance. In part 1 below, we'll mention a few ways climbers can utilize TRUBLUE to practice skills and gain confidence.

New Climbers

If you're brand new to climbing, get on the wall! Start by climbing any way you want. No need to follow a route at first if you're still getting used to the feel of holds, movement up the climbing wall, or using an Auto Belay for the first time. Focus on entry level climbing routes that will get you familiar with routes between the 5.6-5.8 level.

foot technique animation

Foot Technique

Learning proper foot technique is essential for climbing. One way to practice is to hover over foot holds. Before you place your foot on a hold, take a breath with your foot directly over it. As accurately and gently as you can, place your foot on the hold without readjusting. Focus on having quiet feet as you climb and avoid dragging your feet up the wall. Imagine you're a ninja, stealthily inching your way up the wall. Aim to move your feet more than your hands, as this will encourage good placement. Each time you grab a hold, move your feet twice. Renting or buying shoes that are very snug will also help with accurate foot placement.

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Climbing movement isn't the only useful place to utilize TRUBLUE Auto Belay. You can minimize risk while learning to belay by having your climber clip into the TRUBLUE Auto Belay in addition to tying into the rope using a figure 8. This way you can focus on practicing your top rope belay technique knowing there's a backup in place. You can also practice lead belaying without the risk of paying out too little or too much slack for your partner.

Climbers can practice proper clipping technique and footwork for lead climbing, with or without a partner, and avoid the concern of falling while clipping or stepping behind the rope. TRUBLUE Auto Belays are also perfect for practicing lead falling, getting mentally prepared to take falls, and a great way for your belayer to practice catching falls. Ask your gym to review proper belay techniques so you can prepare for the belay test.

climber practicing clipping

For other training tips, see our Training with a TRUBLUE Auto Belay posts on Strength and Endurance.

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