Ten Outdoor Gifts for the Holiday Season

This gift giving season, take the opportunity to give a gift that will get your family outdoors and spending time together. You'll extend the holiday feelings when you go play outside and make memories instead of just tinkering on your new toys. We've put together a list of gift ideas for all seasons for your outdoor family. In the end, it's less about the thing itself and more about getting outside and enjoying time with each other.

national park annual pass

1. Park Pass

Give the gift of exploration with a park pass. Put together a bucket list of state parks in your area or give them a pass to a national park they've always been wanting to visit. Or be the winner this season and give them the America the Beautiful pass to get them into any national park, monument, or recreation area for a year. This gift could also be perfect for someone new to outdoor adventures and could be the spark they need to get started.

woman in hammock

2. Hammock

Everyone needs a hammock for nature naps in the sun. Set it up in your backyard for reading in the springtime or take it camping for a power nap in the trees.

orange gps watch

3. GPS Device

Use it for outdoor adventures near and far or use it to go geocaching with the family. There are many GPS options for all budgets; you can buy a GPS devices, GPS equipped watch, or even get them an app (ranging from $10 to free) and plan an adventure together.

kid climbing on arboreal tree climbing system

4. Arboreal Tree Climbing Kit

Setup a unique climbing experience in your backyard with this tree climbing kit. No power tools are required to assemble the Arboreal Tree Climbing Kit, and it'll get the family outdoors with active play.

woman hiking taking picture with digital camera

5. Camera

For the kids in your life, get them a play camera or a point and shoot to document their outdoor adventures. It's great entertainment on hikes that can keep them engaged in their surroundings. Get an underwater camera to take it up a notch and open up more fun photo opportunities.

solar pannel charger

6. Portable Chargers

While we highly recommend unplugging from your devices and enjoying nature, we also know that our phones do a lot for us and can sometimes be part of the experience outdoors. We use them to track our rides, pump motivating music on our run, and snap photos at the overlooks on a hike. Give your special someone an external charger to keep their adventures topped off.

person climbing using crampons

7. Winter Traction

There are many options to choose from when looking for additional winter traction underfoot: coils, cleats, micro-spikes, crampons, and more. This is a gift that can help get you out and exploring more in the winter, a great time to hike in many areas when crowds are low and views more open.

pocket knife sitting on rock

8. Pocket Knife

If you don't have one, you need one. And if you have one, you probably need another. Get a good, quality pocket knife for those outdoorsy people on your list to make sure they are always prepared.

people sledding on snowy hill

9. Snowshoes or Sleds

Remember being a kid after a big snow storm? Give that feeling this holiday season with snowshoes or sleds and get outside for some playtime!


10. A Trip

Plan a trip, big or small, for the family or for your friends. It could be a simple day trip to a new park to do some exploring. Or a day pass to go skiing with friends and family. Or gift a day of rafting for the summer. There are many options for a wide range of budgets, but this gift will be sure to make memories that will last."

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