Head Rush Summer Recap 2016: Adventures & Photos from the Head Rush Team

Our team at Head Rush Technologies takes recreation seriously, and our home state of Colorado provides an incredible expanse of opportunities. You can find us camping, hiking, climbing, biking, fishing, off-roading, topping out on Colorado's 14ers, and more each weekend and many weekdays, too. As we celebrate the last day of summer and the start of fall, we are sharing a sampling of photos from our staff's summer adventures.

John McGowan, President

john mcgowan holding a fish

As an avid river person (I also am a kayaker, and passionate whitewater boater in addition to mountain pursuits), I am infinitely attracted to western rivers. The pursuit of fly fishing brings me to these wild places with friends and family and allows me to decompress from an otherwise busy life. It also provides a never-ending learning experience, a fundamental that attracts me intrinsically in all aspects of my life. I find fly fishing to be about the journey, the more you know, the more you realize how little you understand; This said, each incremental chunk of knowledge acquired increases one's appreciation and drive for the continued journey.

The above photo was taken on Aug 30th on the North Fork of the South Platte near Bailey, CO. It was a 15 lb Rainbow taken on a "Circus peanut" streamer, released afterwards for the next lucky bugger. Bringing it in required a half-hour long battle, one that required full "R-R-T" mode (a River Runs Through It, downriver epic).

Kendra Eliason, National Territory Sales Manager

kendra climbing a couloir

Absolute one of my favorite early summer activities is couloir climbing! The rhythm of each step, rest, step, rest... It was a popular place this perfect day in June on the Sky Walker couloir in the Indian Peaks of CO on South Arapahoe Peak. I'm in the blue coat, good friend Scott behind me and my husband/partner taking the photo and the crazy man skied this steep snow! Live for these long exhausting days!

Kylen Hogan, Graphic & Web Designer

kylen backpacking in the mountains

This is me and my pups, Kota, backpacking out of West Tennessee Lakes in the Holy Cross Wilderness near Leadville, CO. We camped the night before between two beautiful lakes in a bowl below the Continental Divide. Crisp mountain air + fish filled lakes + a good book = a successful backpacking trip. Oh, and a hard cider of course. There is always room in my pack for a hard cider.

Ely Finucane, Customer Service Representative

ely pinching lone eagle peak

What: Weekend backpacking trip up to Lone Eagle Peak.

Where: Indian Peaks Wilderness, CO

When: August 5th-7th

Why: Because this area of the Indian Peaks Wilderness may be the most beautiful part of the state of Colorado! (in my opinion)

Ryan Walker, Engineer

ryan on toprope climbing multipitch route

This was in Eldorado Canyon in Colorado starting up the first pitch of "Outer Space" 10d on the Bastille. This route had some of the most ridiculous exposure I have ever seen and thank god Marc (Senior Product Development Engineer at Head Rush) volunteered to lead it because I got worked. Definitely one of the typical sandbagged classic routes in Eldo but it was amazing.

Stephanie McDonald, Customer Service Representative

stephanie with dog on her lap

Once I found Jones Pass it became my favorite camping spot. I invited my friends one weekend in June, so one Saturday myself, my buddies, and their dog Psy headed to Jones Pass. Psy has been camping with us since he was born so he tends to run around in the woods like he owns the place. We spent the day hiking and hanging out by the creek, all the while being serenaded by the sounds of random gun shots. Psy wasn't being his usual energetic doggy self and you could tell he wasn't a fan of the shooting. By the time we got back to camp he didn't want to be more than a few feet from anyone. He is a 70 lb. black lab but he seems to think he is a lap dog when he get scared. I spent most of the night being squished as he tried to fit in my camping chair with me.

Sarah McNichols, Account Manager

Sarah mountain biking

Here I am biking down the T39 trail with my brother in Telluride, CO. I bought a new bike this year and have been having a great time getting into downhill. It's awesome having a big brother in Telluride who can show me all the sweet trails and teach me how to be cool.

Tedd Brenner, Account Manager

tedd hiking in indian peaks wilderness

Here's me with my dog Rodeo hiking to Gourd Lake in Indian Peaks Wilderness this July. Rodeo always keeps pace and makes sure everyone (including her) carries their weight on the trail.

Jeremy Wicker, Digital Marketing Coordinator

jeremy on sport climb edge of time

Photo Credit: Molly Manley

I spent most of my summer getting on top of rocks all across Colorado. This beautiful Arête is "The Edge of Time" in Estes Park Valley.

It's definitely an old school 5.9 and takes some balance to fire the crux. Colorado not only has some of the best climbing in the world, but it also has some of the best views. I was sure to get a good look at Lilly Lake and The Diamond after I got to the anchors.

Jenna Stadsvold, Content Marketing Coordinator

jenna on road bike

This pic was taken part of the way up the South St. Vrain canyon outside Lyons, CO on my first canyon ride this summer. It's a whole lot of climbing before being able to enjoy the ride down, and I'm still unsure if I would call this "fun" or not. (Oh the things we do to ourselves and call it recreation.) But it's great training, so I'll be back for more voluntary suffering soon.

Dana Jewett, Key Account Manager

dana leading a rock climbing route

I spent most Saturday's this summer climbing. Colorado is such an amazing place, and with Eldo, Clear Creek, the South Platte, and Vedauwoo all within a few hours there was a lot of fun to be had. This photo is of a gorgeous day in Clear Creek starting at the crag around 6:30 and enjoying the rock and the movement of this route before all the crowds showed up.

Peter Davis, Engineer

peter hiking in maroon bells

This was taken atop South Maroon Peak near Aspen, CO. It was a gorgeous sunny day, and the leaves had started to turn, making for fantastic views down the valley.

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