Senator Honors Head Rush Technologies with Export Achievement Award

Recently, Head Rush Technologies was the recipient of the Export Achievement Award, which recognizes small and medium sized companies who have successfully entered the international marketplace. Head Rush has engineered and manufactured our products right in Boulder since our conception, and we have become internationally acclaimed for our high tech, reliable recreation and amusement equipment. There are currently several thousand Head Rush Technologies devices that can be found across all continents (excepting Antarctica, understandably).

We were honored to welcome Senator Cory Gardner, who personally presented the award to Head Rush Technologies' co-founders John McGowan and Steve Holmes. The Senator spent time with each staff member, learning about their roles within the company and more about the devices we manufacture. He was introduced to our auto belay, zip line brake, and free fall device, and ideas were thrown around about getting the Senator to take a leap of faith from a QUICKjump or zip across a canyon! We'll wait in earnest for photos of the Senator clipped into a TRUBLUE at the local climbing gym and be sure to share if that ever comes to pass!

We'd like to take a moment here to personally thank the Senator for his visit. It was an incredibly positive experience and we would welcome him back at any time!"

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