Results of Our TRUBLUE Auto Belay Customer Survey

There is a story behind every product Head Rush has engineered, and those stories often start with a business problem to be solved, a product to be enhanced, or a user experience that can be improved. Because of this, customer feedback and input is extremely important to us. It's an important piece in both creating and advancing our product offerings.

This May we reached out to facilities across the U.S. and Canada who use our TRUBLUE auto belay devices. These included climbing gyms, recreation centers, camps, colleges and universities, amusement centers, ropes courses, fitness clubs, and more. The response was overwhelmingly positive and reflects the care we put into our products and the importance we place on customer service.

An outstanding 94% of TRUBLUE owners would recommend them to other facilities looking to add auto belay devices. (Of that, an impressive 52% provided a rating of 10 to indicate they were very likely to recommend the TRUBLUE auto belay.)

We love this product. It adds an incredible ending to three of the courses in our aerial adventure park. We loved it so much that when we found out about the QUICKjump we added a tower for the more extreme thrill seekers. Our customers enjoy our park, but it would not be nearly the same feel without the TRUBLUEs. - Amusement Center Operations Manager

TRUBLUE survey

Another important finding was that 83% consider their TRUBLUE auto belays to be a critical component of their facility. They are critical because auto belays increase programming opportunities, increase revenue, increase efficiency, and decrease staffing costs - all while improving the user experience. This reinforces the fact that auto belays are now an integral part of the business for any facility with a climbing wall.

The ability to quickly strap guests into the TRUBLUE system so that they don't have to wait in line for a live belay provides a better experience. - Recreation Center Program Manager

When choosing an auto belay system, the top reasons that customers chose TRUBLUE were safety, the TRUBLUE reputation, ease of installation, the benefits of our eddy current magnetic braking technology, and the low maintenance requirements. Once they had their TRUBLUEs in place, users were impressed by the many benefits provided by the TRUBLUEs to their business and users. The freedom to climb without a partner, the ability for all ages and skill levels to use, the wide range of acceptable climber weights, consistent descent speed, and minimal maintenance costs were the top listed benefits.

TRUBLUE Auto belay survey

"TRUBLUE has really expanded our ability to introduce people to the sport." -Climbing Gym Assistant Manager

“We went from our old cable system to TRUBLUE auto belays, and that was the best decision we ever made. It has opened up our wall tremendously and given our climbers an array of climbing experiences. - YMCA Sports Director

“We're able to service more people with the auto belays and it reduces the waiting time for individuals wanting to climb." -Recreation Center Facilities Manager

TRUBLUE customer survey

When given the opportunity to suggest areas for improvement, the comments were extremely positive. We also heard your suggestions and feedback and are taking action. For example, we have doubled our service capacity to significantly speed up annual service turnaround times and are increasing communications to improve understanding of the processes and requirements. We're also going to be debuting new content to answer detailed questions about maintenance, installation, and proper use of all Head Rush products.

Thanks to all our customers who took the time to provide their feedback. It's always important to hear about your experience with TRUBLUE auto belays and other Head Rush products. If you did not take the survey (or have more to share), we would love to hear from you! Send your input and feedback to [email protected]

And if you haven't experienced the benefits of TRUBLUE for yourself, listen to the 94% who would recommend them! Get the most reliable auto belay for your climbing wall today!

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